What is wrong with humanity?

Here is an email that inspired me to create this blog. I hope you agree with what I have to say.

This email is not intended for you as an individual, but for you as an organism of humanity. This email is directed at humanity, not at you specifically.

Dear humankind,

I am a Jew, and as a Jew, I tend to say “never again” when remembering the holocaust and similar events throughout history. However, there have been more atrocities since then and death tolls continue to rise because the genocide continues. So why do we sit around while atrocities still going on? What are we doing? What changes have been made, have we made, to stop the terror that humankind inflicts upon itself? Why do we let atrocities to continue to happen? Haven’t we learned our lesson, several times over, looking back throughout history?! When will we say, “Enough! Let this stop and forevermore end the hatred between us. Let human kind settle its differences and be at peace.” When will we say this, and actually do something to make it reality; to make it come true?!

Recently, it has come to my attention of what is truly happening in the middle east, specifically in Syria, from the perspective of the people. From the perspective of the women and innocent children being mowed down by terrorist groups right now, hell has unleashed itself upon earth. Fellow countries are closing their doors, forcing refugees to continue to live in blood, grime, and among countless corpses. I don’t know what the civilian death toll is, but it may have reached the millions or higher. Isn’t this the holocaust, but with a different group of people, in a different area of the world, who are being slaughtered by extremists of their own religion? Could this not actually be worse? As a citizen of an outside country, it is hard to tell who is a refuge, in need of help, and who is a terrorist coming in to my homeland, preparing for… god knows what. Europe has closed its doors, and with what has happened in Paris recently, it is truly no wonder that they have. Below is an article that gives you a glimpse of what life is like in Syria, and what it has been like for over a decade. It is a wonder that the refugee crisis has only started this year. It is a wonder that this situation didn’t occur five years ago, or more.


I live in the middle of nowhere, in the suburbia of Ohio, living my life as if I don’t exist to the world. You are probably in a similar situation, just in a different house. To Europe, we don’t exist. To the middle east, we don’t exist, and we are despicable. Depending from whom the opinion comes from, you and I are sinners for a variety of reasons. The reason and the sins that I’m talking about are from the viewpoint of the child, the child that doesn’t want war, that only wants the world to exist like it does in the stories he or she reads at bedtime. Fellow human, to humankind, what have you done to help? What have I done to help? The answer to both those questions is probably nothing, or not enough to truly make a difference. When will those kids be able to live in the “fairytale” world that you and I live in; the world where we can go to school, have a life where war doesn’t touch us, and have the technology to live a very comfortable life? When will those kids be able to be kids? When will those teenagers be able to decide what is truly right and what they truly want to do in the world instead of being pressured to join groups like ISIS to protect their families? When will those young adults be able to make discoveries and usher in a new era like the ones in our country? When will those parents be able to raise their kids the proper way, without the fear of bombings or shootings in the street? We are despicable for not doing something about it! You, fellow human being, what are you doing to help? How are you making the world a better place? How are you helping the kids like the one described in the link? When will we do something about the topic of the attached article? How are you helping kids like Rama?

Human beings are despicable! We are all absolutely despicable. All of humanity for individual reasons are sinners. Due to utter cruelty, hatred, turning a blind eye far too many times, having deaf ears for too long, and ignoring what is going on in the world, specifically in the middle east, we are all despicable individually, as a species, and as an “advanced society”. When will humanity learn? When will you and I learn that the genocide continues, and nothing is being done to permanently stop it? Well I’m doing my part. I’ve written this email to make you see the truth. I’m doing my part, and maybe your part is forwarding this email to as many people as you can, and spread the questions that I’m asking the word. Help me answer my questions to you by forwarding this email. That is what you could do, that is what I hope you will do, but is this enough? Are you doing enough to help?

“Never again” doesn’t apply, and it never did, because the atrocities human kind puts itself through never ended. The holocaust may have ended, but it started up somewhere else in the world soon after and no one paid attention. No one seems to care about the situation in the middle east and in southern Asia. All of those human rights activists, all of those humanitarians, all of those who wish to end child abuse, what are they doing? And if you agree with that ideology, what are you doing? Why hasn’t something been done? If something has been done, why hasn’t the world seem to be changed for the better?

Please realize, fellow human, that I’m not accusing you of anything. I just want something to change in the world. I just want my email to spread, for people to make a change. I hope I’ve inspired you, or at least caused you to see what is happening. I may only be 15 years old and still going to high school, but I hope you have listened to what I have had to say.

May human kind stop killing and stop destroying everything good in the world.

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