I have a dream too

I want to let you know that although my previous posts have been mainly about ISIS, that is not the only topic I wish to talk about in this blog. Here is a post that many of you could agree with.

We all have dreams. We all know how powerful those dreams can be. They can fill us with fear, anguish, dread, and hate, or they can fill us with hope, satisfaction, longing, and regret. However, your dreams affect you, you know how powerful they can be; you know how much your dreams can affect you after you wake up.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and probably one of the most famous dreams in the United States. For the viewers who are not from the States, you may or may not have heard of Martin Luther King’s speech nor his dream, but there is a quote attached to this post if you wish to read a very small part of it. His dream is similar to the one I wish to share with you. I do not have children and all of us should be glad that I don’t have children because I’ve only lived a measly 15 years where I have been breathing in gas, not fluid. I want to expand on Mr. King’s dream.

I have a dream, that at the moment is more like a far away hope, where my generation and the future generations get to see the day where the world can exist in harmony. I have a dream where the Middle East, Africa, South America, and every other third-world country has rebuilt itself and is now a prosperous and peaceful place; where our beloved Israel can be forever at peace with it’s neighbors and neither Jew nor Muslim has to live in fear of each other and hate each other. I dream of a time when human kind doesn’t destroy everything it touches. I have a dream where the ozone has completely been repaired and human kind has no more use for fossil fuels, just clean energy. I dream of a day where humanity can coexist with the planet instead of trying to dominate it. I dream of a day where religion isn’t applied to every controversial issue; where no one is forced to be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or what ever you wish to call yourself. I dream of a day where there are only peaceful discussions, not arguments like those that occur in the present world. I dream of a day where war does not exist, where the genocide has stopped and will never happen again. I dream of a day where the only thing mankind dies from is disease, nature in all its glory, and old age. I dream of something that seems impossible, but I hope my dreams will come true.

For all these things I wish and dream the world to be, I hope you agree. Long live the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and every other person who has taken action like he has.

4 thoughts on “I have a dream too

  1. One idea I had was to donate money to organizations. Another idea is to form a community or an organization of our own that informs people on how to deal with situations that the terrorist groups may present. A third idea
    is to develop a virus of our own that prevents pro-ISIS videos from getting onto the web or that prevents the videos from being viewed. More ideas will come in the future. What are your ideas?


  2. Hey Elia. You talk so much about awareness of violence and genocide and your desire for world peace. But awareness and desire can only get you so far: what are your PLANS or IDEAS to combat ISIS and other terrorist organizations?

    I love the idea of your blog though. Raising awareness and coming together with other people to solve problems is always a good thing!!!!


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