Paris Attack

My mother was born and raised in France. She came to the Untied States to attend the University of Massachusetts where she met my Father. I have an aunt, uncle, and three little cousins living in the outskirts of Paris. On the day of the Paris attack, at the time the attack took place, my aunt was on the subway heading home for the evening. She is alive, along with her family.

My mother has a friend who lives in Nantes, France. They have been close friends since their senior year of high school. This friend has a daughter who is attending college in Paris. Her dormitory is not far from where the bombed concert is located. She wasn’t at the concert, thank god, and she is alive as well.

The reason I’m telling you this is because although I don’t know anyone personally who died, I have seen pictures and heard stories of some who are dead. My undergraduate friend lost friends in the bombing. My aunt and uncle lost colleagues and the family members of colleagues For those of you who have looked at my blog so far, you have sympathy for Paris, but it didn’t affect you the way it could have if you had relatives or friends over there. Although this incident may not have affected you on a personal level, although it could have, the question now is what are you willing to do to help those that have been affected? What are you willing to do to prevent it from happening again?

In order to repair humanity, the humans who know what is right from what is wrong have to stand together. We have to stand together in order to combat groups like ISIS who wish to do us harm. Please stand with me against attacks like this. Donate money to organizations who are fighting these radical groups and join those organizations too. As a Jew, the Hebrew symbol for 18 is “chai” or the letter chett and the letter yeud (numbers and letters are the same in Hebrew). When put into a word, the word chai means life. Therefore, whenever I donate money, I donate $18.00 or a multiple of 18. A donation does not have to be a large sum of money, but if you do donate, the donation means the world to the people that benefit from the money. This is only a suggestion of course, but it is an easy way for you to show that you have united against what we all believe to be wrong.

What ISIS does is wrong. What happened to Paris is wrong. The innocent should never be targeted. We need to stop the innocent from dying. We need to stop dying because of an organism from our own species that a defect and became dangerous in a society that is supposed to be “superior” compared to other organisms on the same planet.

ISIS is the result of a defect in human nature and human society. Just like a glitch in your computer, phone, or an app that can be fixed, society can be fixed too. The principles behind fixing society and getting rid of groups like ISIS is the same as trying to get rid of a virus. ISIS is a virus. It is not wanted. It infects our minds like a disease and it infects the web like a computer bug would. We don’t like either sickness nor glitches, so ISIS needs to go, along with parallel organizations.

What you should do is unite. What you NEED to do is to unite. we need to unite together as a species against a dormant defect within ourselves. This defect within us comes active when we start to listen to the terrorist groups; when we start to give in and stop fighting for what we know is right and wrong. We don’t want ISIS or any other group that is doing us harm. We don’t want to be part of society that has to be eradicated, or at least be put back into a dormant state, so we have to unite ourselves in order to prevent this defect from becoming more of a problem.

Let what happened in Paris become a memory. Let that terror never happen again. Please, you matter in this fight even if you don’t think so. What you say and do matures, so please take action with me. Do your part in repairing the society of human kind.

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