How to start defeating ISIS

Last night, when I was already in bed, “Oscar Simpson” commented on my post “I have a dream too”. I don’t know if you saw his post or my reply, but I wish to elaborate on what was stated last night.

I was ask HOW I think we should defeat ISIS and what actions are we to take. Talking and having discussions is great, but what are we gong to do about it? Something that could be added to that line of though is what could the first step be? How is a radical and extremist group on the other side of the planet supposed to be stopped by a measly 15 year-old girl, her friends, and her family?

Here are some things we could do:
1) I previously stated in “Paris attack” that donating money to different organizations is one option; an organization like Red Cross maybe.

2) We could start our very own organization. We could start an international organization that informs people how to deal with situations that ISIS and other groups may present. We could tell people what course of action they could take when they hear something suspicious or if they think someone is in danger of an extremist plot. This new organization of ours could create pamphlets of some sort that we distribute out to our community, maybe once a month or once a week. This organization could also allow people to join it, and therefore view this blog, so that the urge to correct society spreads to new cities and new countries.

3) ISIS uses the web to try to get people to join them. I’m not a programmer, but what if some of us were to create a code for a computer virus that informs the local police when someone were to try to view one of those videos? What if we created a program that were to shut down the websites that contain or trace to those propaganda videos? What if the virus were to infect the person’s electronic device so that they won’t want to return to that web site? I don’t know if any of the viewers are programmers, or if a viewer is a friend with a programmer, but that may be something to look into.

4) What if we were to make videos and websites of our own? Ones that tell people the simple truth of what life is like over in the middle east. We could do interviews with people who are refugees (readers from Europe could do this the most easily I think), collaborate news articles from several perspectives (any one of us could do this), and maybe we could even go as far as to make something like a documentary. This idea is perhaps far fetched, but it’s still an idea.

If you have a preference to which course of action we should take, or if you have an idea on how to defeat society’s “poisoned apple”, then please write a comment bellow. All of us who read this post would appreciate it.

7 thoughts on “How to start defeating ISIS

  1. I also have a dream But ! Que faire lorsque l’on sait que les terroristes communiquent via Internet par satellite et qu’il ait tout à fait possible d’intercepter leurs communications mais que rien n’est fait ? Que faire lorsqu’on sait qu’en France certains des terroristes ont circulé librement et ont traversé les frontières sans être inquiétés ? J’ai peur que nos dirigeants ne prennent pas les mesures qui s’imposent et ne réagissent que dans l’urgence. Continue ton blog Elia ! Les solutions existent.


  2. education and communication are the keys. Stopping propaganda and informing people by showing them the truth without bias, double agenda and preconception can go a long way. ignorance leads to fear and hate.
    Continue your blog Elia to inspire people and educate them!


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