Biblical vs Modern times

On human rights day, on December 10 of this year, I read an article that talks about an Iranian woman. This poor woman was sentenced to death… by stoning. She was buried to up to her shoulders and then was pelted at with rocks. Identified only by the initials “A.Kh.”, she was convicted in being involved in her husband’s murder.

Stoning goes back to the biblical days. It was used in several religions and cultures as a method of killing a convicted person. It was often a treacherous way to kill a person; dying was slow and painful. One could imagine why Iranian civil right groups, such as the international NGO Iran Human Rights organization, would be appalled by such a ruling. One can also easily question Iran’s governmental motives in releasing footage of the execution to the world.

“The rate of executions in Iran has not decreased in the last few years, it has increased.”

– Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, Iranian-Canadian activist

We consider ourselves to be civilized. We say that we have come a long way since the biblical days; that we are more humane that before. We think that the average modern day human knows that the enlightenment period has already past; that the government, sciences, and other fields of life have been changed through the Enlightenment Era. Human beings whom have taken a world history class should know that in the Enlightenment, the judicial system was changed so that cruelty towards the accused,  unusually harsh punishment against the guilty, and other similar items on a long list  were changed. Therefore, is Iran not civilized? Has Iran  not been touched by this aspect of history?

I thought that you should know, reader, that Iran and other countries in that area of the world sometimes appear to be living in the biblical days. I wanted you to know that situations like this happen more often than you would like and it needs to stop. These things that happened in the bible need to stay in the bible. They have no place in the modern world.

Now there is the question of what to do. Find organizations who are making a difference in human rights in the middle east. Create fund raisers in your work/school environment or community and donate the money to the organization(s). Raise awareness in your work or school environment and have people understand what is going on. The more people who know the truth, the more people who can make a difference and change what is going on in that part of the world.

Please help me prevent more deaths like this by taking action and commenting below.

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