My Christmas Letter

Someone asked me a question earlier this week. It was a question about  what I wished for Christmas. I told them that I was Jewish and the holiday had no meaning in my household. I told her that Christmas had no significance to me as a holiday,  especially because of how commercialized the holiday had become. She told me that my religion didn’t mature, that everyone wishes for something. She explained that this is the time of year where those wishes come true.

I told her my wishes for the holiday season, but she was so taken aback that she nearly started to cry. I guess it’s because I didn’t wish for an object. I guess that she was expecting something ridiculous like “a new phone”, “new shoes”, or maybe something even more ridiculous than the other ideas like “makeup”. For everyone who knows me and reads this, I’m sure you’ll laugh because I am just not that type of girl. Sorry! My response made her tear up, and I wanted to share my “Christmas wish list” with you. Just please don’t shed tears.

This is more or less how the conversation went.

My wishes won’t come true. This is not the first year that I will have wished this, but this is the first year where I’m the one making my wishes come true, instead of depending on a “magical elf” that lives in the North Pole. I can still wish, but I know that there are lots of people who won’t allow my wishes to come true.

Most people want items or to physically receive a gift. Although there are some material items that I would like, there are far more important things to want. With everything that is going on in the world, I’m donating my wishes to all humans instead of just keeping them for myself. This holiday is not about selfishness, so why not wish for things that benefit humanity instead of one person who means almost nothing to the world?

First, I wish that there will be eternal peace. The Congress of Vienna tried to do this in Europe, after Emperor Napoleon was defeated and King Louis XVIII was put on the throne of France, but they clearly failed. I wish that there was a way for humans to stop fighting with each other.

My grandmother on my father’s side of the family asks, “How can you expect countries to get along when family members can’t even get along?”

I suppose that’s true, but I wish that humans didn’t have to fight. I wish that every argument could be settled peacefully from here on out, for eternity. I wish that there were no more wars. I wish for humanity that there will be a day where no family member can say that their child, spouse, parent, family member, or friend died in combat. I wish that no one would die in combat because there would be no such thing as combat. I wish that everyone in the military could live normal lives because a military would not be needed anymore. I desperately wish for a day where children don’t know the meaning of the word “war” because the only place where the word is used is in history textbooks.

Second, I wish terrorism would end. I don’t understand why they kill, why they bomb, nor why they think that it’s right. I wish that fear was something humans didn’t have to feel, both constantly and in intense but small doses. I wish that those people who think that terrorism is right would come to their senses, in a peaceful way, and understand that nothing good comes out of creating acts of terror. I wish that they would take some advice from Gandhi’s “book of wisdom” and express themselves in a peaceful manner.

Thirdly, I wish people didn’t hate me for being Jewish. I wish that the holocaust didn’t happen or didn’t have to happen. I wish that the Czars of Russia, nor the communist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin, didn’t hate the Jews and kill millions of their citizens, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike. I wish that all atrocities committed against my people never happened. I wish that people didn’t hate the modern day Jews for things that they didn’t do about two thousand years ago. I wish people didn’t hate me for who I am, for what I am, for what my parents are, for what I was born into and believe. I wish people would get to know me before they decide that they hate me because I’m the direct descendant of Aaron, the elder brother of Moses. I don’t understand why people hate me. I don’t even know them! However, I know they are out there, somewhere. I wish humans didn’t hate the Jews and use them as scapegoats throughout history. I wish there was a way to know for sure that incidences  like the holocaust won’t ever happen again.

For my fourth wish, I wish that the planet would heal. I wish that the world would only consume clean energy. I wish that we didn’t generate carbon dioxide and I wish that the ozone didn’t have an enormous hole in it. I wish that the huge piles of trash swirling in circles in the ocean weren’t there. I wish humans didn’t have to destroy everything they touch, even if they think that they created something wonderful out of the destruction. The likelihood of these set of  wishes coming true has become a little more possible now that the Paris talks have been finalized, but there has to be a complete solution to the problem.

Most of all, I wish that the world could understand what goes through the heads of many people my age who suffer from depression. I wish humankind  could understand why we might suffer from depression and why we could feel that the world is not worth living in. I wish that the world could understand that humans have suffered enough; that  teenagers with depression and suicidal thoughts are sick of crying for hours on end, with no actual reason why they cry, except perhaps that it’s the only thing to do. I wish that people could understand how sick some of us are from hearing about murders, rapes, and other atrocities on the news. Some of us are sick, tired, and fed up with how human beings treat  fellow organisms of their own species. I wish that the world could see all the thoughts that run through heads of teenagers who suffer from depression so that the world can understand that it has to change, or else the world really isn’t worth living in. If people don’t change, then many people may leave the planet. Many teenagers my age might consider committing suicide because they refuse to live in a world that can’t understand how to make itself better.

If humanity can’t change its habits and mindset, then there is no reason to wish for anything that I just wished for. There is no reason to write about humankind’s and society’s problems on my blog. There will be no purpose to living. There will be no purpose nor logic in trying to change the unchangeable. I wish humankind would read my blog, every last person who is literate in English, so that they can help change the world. I wish that the world could feel my frustration about how it needs to change, because writing it all down is nearly impossible. I wish there was a way for me to truly make humankind understand that they need to change their ways.

These wishes won’t come true; not in my lifetime at least. I don’t wish for any gifts this year on my “letter to Santa”, but rather I ask for a reason to continue on because I can’t bear the thought of the planet being completely destroyed. I cant bear the thought that my very existence contributes to the destruction of the planet. I want to change the world, but I’m just one person and a no one at that. I don’t influence too many people, so my voice is not being heard so I started a blog.

I think that my last wishes are what made her cry; the ones about having the world understand why life is not worth it if the world doesn’t change.  Those wishes can’t come true unless I make them come true. I’m still here. I’m still living, breathing, and typing away. If I fail in trying to make my wishes come true, then I guess I just fail, and then we all can definitely say that the human race cannot be saved. That hasn’t happened yet, and I’m still typing, so I will keep my promises and I will continue to blunder through what life has to throw at me.

Merry Christmas, happy belated Chanukah, or happy whatever else you celebrate this time of year, reader. Enjoy the holidays. Don’t let my wishes for the world ruin your holiday spirit. I just thought that you should know what I wished for this Christmas.

9 thoughts on “My Christmas Letter

  1. Me, too; Me, too.
    I think we could stop ratcheting up violence in the Middle East by just stopping all arms and financing to the countries there, who then turn around and use the wespons on their own people, as well as the Jews.
    I cry, myself, over the state of the world. We do need to make it better — Look at what we’re leaving our children… A mess!
    We need to keep on. That’s our purpose. If we feel bad about it, we need to make it better. You’re a caring person. Take time to really learn about the issues. Also, use common-sense. It’s okay to question what you hear proposed as truth, these days. Ask yourself if the reality squares with what they’re saying. You care enough to make it happen. That’s grand.

    Commenter Michael: Do you have a brother named Mark? If so, then you’ll know me. It’s been years, though, so it’s hard to tell…


    • I’m actually trying to create a fundraiser to help refugees at my high school and another high school. Hopefully it will be able to come together. I plan on collecting clothes and winter wear.


      • Oh. Michael looks alot like a Michael who lived up the street from me, whose brother Mark, was my age in the same school. Good luck with your fund-raiser. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing — it’s very kind of you. I’m just saying, see what type of response you’d get to a fundraiser for Jewish victims of Arab terror. Would public schools have them? Would there be Arab and other protests against it? Go visit a college (with chaperones and bodyguards) with an active demonstration by SJP and see how you feel, then. Read Frontpage magazine and their section on anti-Semitism on college campuses. Read the story at of Taylor Force, a visiting student in his twenties on a school trip with Vanderbilt University to Israel, just stabbed to
        death in Israel by an Arab terrorist. Jews are being killed everyday, Elia. Zaka needs ambulances. There are way more than our fair share of Jewish organizations that need help. Why are you, and the world, silent about this? Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, plenty of Arab countries not warring right now can take in Syrians. They have billions of dollars to do so, and there’s no language readjustments. Why aren’t they doing so? Think about it. Maybe because they’d rather overrun Western countries (the “Infidel” they can’t stand) and drain our financial resources. You’re well-meaning, Elia. Just don’t fall into the trap.


  2. Elia….I was raised Catholic…and my wish is exactly the same as yours.
    I don’t understand the purpose in all the fighting either. No one can stay in this world for long.We are all in the same boat, traveling to the same destination. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be kind to each other along the way? Why can’t we live in peace? I don’t know the answer either. The news only focuses on the negative, which promotes more negativity. There are good people in this world. May our voices be heard!!


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