New problem with Muslims… or is it with us?

I’ve heard stories on the news about people discriminating against Muslims; about how people are being arrested because they destroyed mosques and terrorized Muslims out of fear. I’ve heard stories on the news about how ISIS has found blank passports, a passport printer, and are now creating hundreds of fake Syrian passports. You have probably heard these stories too, and many more, but don’t be the person who takes arms against Muslims in your neighborhood because you think they are a terrorist.

Your neighborhood Muslim is not a terrorist. The organizations and people who use the religion to terrorize humanity are not true Muslims. I have a Muslim family living down the street from me and they are the one of the nicest families on our street. It is true that not all families are the same, and perhaps not all Muslims are at the same level of radical intensions, but do not assume the worst out of people. Caution should always be used with new people in the neighborhood, but that is true with any religion. Any religion can have a radial aspect to it, but the problem is that there are groups who are hiding behind a Muslim mask and are causing mayhem, directing all attention to this one type of radical.

Muslims are targeted here in the states because people are scared of ISIS. ISIS wants you to be scared of Muslims; they want you to turn on them and cause chaos. I talked a little on a previous post about how ISIS is like a virus, both infecting the web and people’s heads. I also talked before about how we all have the problem of wanting to destroy each other, but this problem lies dormant in most of us and is active in people who are considered radicals. By destroying mosques and attacking Muslims, we are showing ISIS that we are not better than them. We have the virus in our heads and it’s becoming active instead of staying dormant. It’s becoming active  because some of us are scared of being attacked by someone who was thought to be trust worthy. We are better than the radical groups. We are better because we will continue to keep the virus in our brains in a dormant state.

In order to show that we are not like ISIS, we have to do the opposite of what they do. Don’t think I’m suggesting to create a bunch of new lives to replace the ones who died; earth’s population is large enough and we don’t really need more infants (no offence to any parents-to-be or new parents). What I’m suggesting is, to undo all the crimes committed on the Muslims, we need to create gifts with our communities or organize charities for our local mosques. Show that you are not afraid of them and that you understand that they are being misrepresented by radical groups. Christmas is nearly here, so maybe after the holidays we could all organize an international event in our communities to donate presents or money to our local mosques. Please write below if you have any ideas.

We are better than ISIS and other groups who share their ideology. Show the world that you are better than ISIS by trying to undo the wrongs they have committed against humanity.

One thought on “New problem with Muslims… or is it with us?

  1. Many articles that I have read explain that the radicalization of Muslim individuals is facilitated when people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their personal situation, when they feel unwanted, helpless to change to situation in which they find themselves. By helping people, by showing them that the communities in which they live care about them through such acts as the donations of which you write, maybe your readers can make a difference, make it harder for organizations like ISIS to attract new recruits to the call of Jihadism.


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