Defeating ISIS: Step 1

Bombs are useless against ISIS. Land does not matter to ISIS. Even if ISIS is defeated in the middle east, it will not go away. ISIS is something we cannot see, cannot understand, and cannot physically defeat. Nothing is going to make it go away… but I think I can defeat them.

I am creating an email to send to the principal of my high school. I am going to ask him if I can set up a fundraiser in the school to donate clothes, stuffed animals, money, and any other items that the poor of the Muslim community would benefit from. There is also a Muslim community center near where I live. I am going to send them an email too, asking if they would like to have me organize a fundraiser in order to make up for some of the wrongs that have been committed against their people throughout the country. I have not sent the emails yet, but I will let you know what happens in the comments below.

If the Muslim community center does not wish to be helped in this manner for whatever reason, I could maybe do a similar project for the community in general, not just focusing on one faith. If my school refuses to allow such a fundraiser to occur, then perhaps I can do something through the Jewish community. My hopes are that the school and the Muslim community center will be willing for such an event to take place. If not, I have my backup plan.

Why make the fundraiser at my high school? People say that the public high schools represent my generation as a whole to the community. Therefore, to show the world that my generation is able to make a difference in history, we have to start somewhere when we are still young. Previous generations are the ones going to battle, and although there may be nothing wrong with that, it is no longer effective in this situation. An effective way to destroy ISIS is to limit supplies. In this case, the supplies will be people and recruits. No one has to die this way and no one gets hurt this way.

I’m also focusing on the Muslim community because of ISIS. In order to defeat ISIS we have to prevent people from joining it. In order to do that, we have to destroy every reason someone may have to seek ISIS and be brainwashed by its propaganda. We have to show everyone that they belong, that they are welcome where they are, and that no harm will come to them. We have to show the community that they have nothing to fear. A fundraiser to help them is an effective way of communicating this. People have been destroying mosques all across the country and attacking Muslims on the street. A fundraiser would show my community that they have nothing to fear and that no harm will come to them. They won’t need to seek help from ISIS because they think they are in danger because they will know better. They won’t go to ISIS because they know that the community they live in supports them.


I encourage you to make similar events happen in your communities. If everyone who reads this article were to create a fundraiser in their town or suburb,  then there would be over 80 fundraisers in over 6 countries.

Now let me ask you this: What will you do to change the world? (Hint: start small and at home) Please leave your answers in the comments bellow.

3 thoughts on “Defeating ISIS: Step 1

  1. There is a club at my school that can create fundraisers. You said we could start up fundraisers to help the Muslim communities in our area? I want to help, but I’m not really sure how. Ohio will not receive Syrian refugees, so directly in-state helping is not an option. PA, our neighbor, however, has accepted refugees, last time I checked. Could we possibly sent funds to an organization over there? Though, what specifically would we target for a fundraiser? Muslim communities seems a bit too vague, and far too hard to garner the necessary attention and organized man-power. I don’t want to be too general when I bring this up to my club adviser and principal. Organization has never been my thing, and I don’t want my attempt to be dismissed as confused or too vague.

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  2. You won’t stop everyone from being interested, and people might still be apprehensive because of what has been happening, because of the phobia that ISIS has generated, but you gesture will show that you care, that the community in which you live cares, and maybe that gesture might make a difference for some.


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