Defeating ISIS: Step one (version 2)

A friend of mine contacted me last night saying that she wants to help me create the fundraiser. She goes to a different school, but her school has a club that specializes in fundraisers. We came up with a slightly different version of having fundraisers at my high school and hers too.

The city in which I live will not accept Syrian refugees. Ohio does not want refugees because they supposedly pose a safety concern (guilt by association). Oh well. Pittsburgh, however, is willing to accept 500 refugees, so all the donations will be going over there. Since Pittsburgh is only two hours away, it is manageable. The republican diplomats in Pennsylvania may change this, but at the moment, there will be 500 refugees in Pittsburg; 14 have already been resettled between October 1 and November 16 of this year.

I’m planning on asking for stuffed animals to help any kids 10 and younger feel at home and safe. Clothes that could be considered hand-me-downs will be asked for to help any age group with adjusting to life in the United States. Money will be asked for in order to help any Syrian parents who need financial help, such as buying food. Food donations are up in the air, but for now, we are focusing on stuffed animals, gently used clothes, and money. These three items help all age groups in the refugee community.

Between my high school and my friend’s high school, we could raise enough to truly make a difference for the Syrian refugees. If any reader has any suggestions, please type them up in the comments bellow. Any news on the subject will also be in the comments. My friend and I will be asking our principals and teachers for permission and help with organizing this event. Any posters, flyers, and statistics will be available if you would like to do something similar in your community.

One thought on “Defeating ISIS: Step one (version 2)

  1. I have sent a letter to my principal and the assistant principal asking them if I could create a fundraiser. I will let you know what their responses are, but I am hoping for the best. Happy new year everyone.


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