Syrian Refugee fundraiser

Working with “Lucy” yesterday, we have the basics of what we would like to accomplish with our high schools. We are hoping to have the fundraiser sometime between March and May. We are hoping to be collecting stuffed animals for the kids, gently used clothes for all ages, and money to buy non-perishable items for the refugees. Items such as shoes, towels, and blankets may be included, but we will make that decision with the help of our schools.

Although we still need permission from our high schools and the organization in Pittsburgh, we have most of the details worked out. We will be meeting with our principals, guidance counselors, and teachers that are able to help these next few weeks to finalize any and all decisions. This event will last between one to two weeks and between the two high schools, we should really be able to make a difference.

I promised to let you have access to any flyers we create. However, there are the names of the two high schools and the city I live in on the flyer we will be handing out to students, so I will not share that with you for protection of the students and teachers. I can share the flyer that we will be hanging up in the hallways. I’ll put it in the comments once I figure out how to attach a word document.

I hope that you approve of this fundraiser and that perhaps you will create something similar in your community.

4 thoughts on “Syrian Refugee fundraiser

  1. That’s cool what your doing pit I think that you should be doing 2 weeks and then seeing what you have and then see to continue or not


  2. Update:

    I talked to my principal today and to my guidance councilor. Both like the idea of the fundraiser, however my principal would like me to work out a few more details before he gives the full go ahead. They both suggested that I meet with the key club and the national honors society. With the help from the clubs, this fundraiser will go more smoothly, so I will be speaking with them soon.

    I have an email for the organization in Pittsburgh saved as a draft. I have not sent it yet, but I will very soon. Later this week I may call the organization, but not tonight. So far, so good!


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