Humanity has hope

change-do20you20want20to20change20the20world20start20with20yourself-previewI started this blog a little less than two months ago. I started writing about all of my frustrations in the world, about everything that is a problem in the world. Creating this blog was one of the best things I have ever done for myself; getting feedback and different points of views has been truly illuminating. I started this blog to illuminate what people try to deny and hide from each other and themselves. I started this blog to change the world.

There are so many terrible things that we do to the planet and to each other as human beings. There are so many things that we need to fix in society in order for the average person to truly be happy. When you look at the world and what humanity has done from a third person point of view, as if you are not human yourself, you could almost believe that there is no reason to live. With the way society is today, you would be correct in losing hope due to what we call the modern world. This blog is the proof that not everything is lost.

Humanity is awful. We destroy civilizations that we consider to be inferior compared to the way we ourselves live. We destroy the planet and the ecosystem to benefit ourselves, one single species, instead of living the way other organisms do in order to benefit all compared to just one. We live selfishly. Even the most socialist people live selfishly. We turn on each other, slaughtering the other, just because a few politicians did not get along and ideals clashed.

I’m doing my best to change the terrible, corrupt, selfish, and dangerous aspects of society. What is good about society I will leave alone, for there is no logic in trying to change what is already right. This blog has shown you a few ways in which we need to change the world. My blog has also shown you a few ways to rethink your life and what truly matters. I have written about how society is set up; revealing some of it’s illusions and lies to you. With all that I’ve had to say so far, I hope that writing down my thoughts and my perspective has benefited you.

Humanity has hope! We can change, but nothing is going to change if you don’t try to change it yourself. Do you really wish to continue to live in this illusion and partial lie of a society? With all that has been said, can you really still believe that humankind is superior to all other organisms? I haven’t believed that humankind is superior to other organisms for over three years now, since the time I was taught the ways and beliefs of the Northern Cheyenne living in Montana. There is hope for humanity to change their ways, but it must start with you.

You have asked questions on what I plan to do when trying to fix these problems, but you must also try to fix these problems in yourselves and then the people around you. You must start a chain reaction of changing the way humankind acts and thinks in order to truly be superior. Humankind is able to change, but you must start the change yourself. My purpose is to try to initiate the need for change. Your purpose is to spread the idea of change and to try to be the change. I am not perfect, some of my opinions may not be correct, however you must do all that is possible in order to truly make the change happen.

It is possible to undo all of the hatred put on different groups by the majority of the world. It is possible to restore this planet to its former glory, to a time when air pollution and water pollution didn’t exist. These things are possible! I have given you several ways to undo a few of these problems, but I am unable to come up with permanent solutions without your help. There is hope for these things to change. There is hope for humanity to change.

Humanity has hope. This blog is about how you and I can change the world, how we can make it better. Writing and reading is a fine start, but action, change, and spreading the ideas that have been written are what will really matter when trying to make a difference.


Now that you have read this, what will you do to change? What actions will you take in order to be the change the world so desperately needs? We would love to hear/read your answer(s) in the comments below.

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