6 thoughts on “From another Jewish blogger

        • Yeah, my Hebrew is not that great. I can read, but I won’t exactly understand what I’m reading… I think I understand.

          I speak English and French fluently, and I can read Hebrew and Spanish. I have never taken Spanish, but I can sort of understand what I’m reading because of my skills in French. Speaking Hebrew or Spanish is a different story.


          • I mostly can only read Hebrew, too. I sortof failed at Ulpan when I went to Israel. It’s a shame; you should learn the language. What I basically know is that Hebrew has a root word (shoresh), from which others are based. So, “rabah” must come from “arbeh” (meaning “many”); therefore, Todah (thanks) Rabah (many) = Many Thanks! I just kindof know the words I wrote: Ha=The; Kol=All/Everything (also, “voice” with different spelling); Mitsuyan=Excellent; Tov=Good; Me’od=From Even Until (or, very); V= And; Gam= Also; Lailah= Night (Lailah Tov= Good Night!).

            Your parents will kill me for telling you this, but you can spend a year at Alexander Muss High School in Israel; or perhaps chance to get a free trip to Israel through Birthright/Taglit (they didn’t have that in my day…); or volunteer (plant trees, work at a kibbutz, work at a hospital…many wothwhile things)! With their blessings, these are things you could explore!


            • My Hebrew is limited to about that as well. I understand some basic words individually, but I can’t understand them when an Israeli is speaking.

              I went to Israel on birthright with my school in 7th grade. We partnered with the Alexander Muss High School. I have a shirt from them too. My hebrew is not good enough for that…

              My father went working on a kibbutz when he was my age. I’m doing an internship at a local university instead this summer. For holidays, I sometimes have trees planted in my honor… I might have something like 10 trees with my name on them in Israel. maybe more! It is definitely something to look into.


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