I will defeat ISIS

The impossible is happening. I’ve written a few posts about what I was planning on doing with my high school, and now it is actually happening. ISIS is going to fall soon. If more people organize events like mine in their communities, and the events get larger and have greater impact, then ISIS will be gone by the end of the decade.

ISIS is a disease, a virus. It infects our heads with terrible thoughts and makes some of us commit heinous crimes against humanity. It does not need land, it only needs people to join and die for its cause. This is where I got my solution to defeating ISIS and other groups like it.

It will be impossible to prevent everyone from joining ISIS, but we can reduce the number. We can show people that they belong in their communities, that there is a reason to stay exactly where they are because they are leading a good life. For the individuals caught in areas of turmoil, such as the Middle East, if they want to leave then they can. If you are living in a country such as Syria and have the courage to leave everything behind, then by all means find a better life! If we show people that they don’t have to join ISIS in order to save their families, then they won’t. Those people will just escape. I may be making this sound way simpler than the process is, but that is the summary of what I believe to happen.

I will show the world that my hometown cares about refugees for the next two weeks. We will show the refugees of this city that we care, we will help them, and we have their backs. I will show the world this through my fundraiser that has been approved. From March 14-24, my high school and another high school in the area will be hosting the same fundraiser. The Refugee Fundraiser will collect clothing for all ages, all body types, and from all family members of the high school students. There will be three boxes to collect the winter/spring clothing: by the front desk, by the pool doors, and in the library.

An announcement was read this morning, informing my high school of the plan. Next Monday, students will be getting flyers to take home and posters will be put on the walls throughout the building. This afternoon, I painted a hue sign that will be put up in the “lunch room”, which is not what we call it but that is the purpose of the room. I have attached everything I have made to this post.

Syrian rufugee flyer to give to students for blog

Syrian Refugee Fundraiser poster for hallway

Fundraiser annoucement for blog

I am taking a stand and I am making a difference. Will you do the same?

16 thoughts on “I will defeat ISIS

    • The fundraiser at “Lucy’s” high school went well. She collected 9 large trash bags filled with clothes! They are currently in my garage. The one in my high school was extended two weeks because it had a really slow start. The fundraiser at my high school will end April 15. We have only four trash bags of clothes, but I hope that will change.

      Over all, the organization that helps the refugees will be very happy. I will post a picture of “Lucy”, my contact at the organization, and myself. Of course our faces will be blurred, but viewers will be able to see what I got accomplished!


  1. I am so proud of you Elia! It takes sometimes just little steps at a time to make a big difference and you are making these little steps happen!!! Way to go!!!!


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