My birthday wishes

Yesterday was my birthday. On March 27, 16 years ago, I was born into the world. Some of my friends remembered, but most didn’t. My family tried to send me wishes, but since I am on vacation somewhere in the world, it has been hard to reach me apparently. The problem is this: I don’t like to make a big deal out of this event in my life because I don’t want to seem self centered and full of myself. If you remember, great! If not, oh well; you’re not the first nor the last to forget.

Whenever I travel, I always keep a diary/ journal of my trip. I once found my father’s journal that he kept when on a kibbutz in Israel when he was in his late teens or early twenties. I thought that it was so cool. You could see the world through someone else’s eyes during a time when you were not living. You could read the person’s journal and live in a time before you were born with accuracy. Perhaps my journals from trips to Israel, Montana, Florida, Canada, France, etc. will be found by generations long after I die. Picturing the look of shock/surprise and excitement on their imaginary faces when finding my journals brings a smile to my face.

I’m keeping a journal now since I am not at home. I am traveling somewhere in the U.S. and I am having a great time walking through the woods. The great part about keeping a journal is that you are able to remember so many details for longer periods of time, allowing you to enjoy life in a more permanent way, I suppose. When I enjoy living, I enjoy life and see life in a way that is fairly uncommon apparently.

The title of this post is “My Birthday Wishes” because I wish for you, dear reader, to go out into the world and see the small things that you would normally glance over. Record everything you see.

Take a walk in to woods and look at all of the insects on the leaves. Imagine what the world would look like through the eyes of that insect. Look at all of the wild flowers that you are trampling over. Try to envision the world when the trees around you were just saplings. Try to see in your mind’s eye what the world would look like around you if humanity hadn’t changed the landscape.

I wish for you to go out into your cities, and instead of looking at the cops racing by with an ambulance, try to see the small, almost unnoticed, gestures of goodwill from the people on the street. Try to find the good in people walking on the sidewalk instead on hearing the horns honk because some are too impatient in traffic. Try to envision what the landscape would be like if humanity had never touched it.

After you look around you and see the small things that make you smile, after you see the life that is normally hidden from you, look it up. Identify the insects and flowers that you saw. I do! is a great place for discovering the natural hues and variations of life. Search about the history of the land you just visited. What was in actually like before everything changed into concrete? Am I a weirdo for taking the time to discover what most people glance over? Maybe, but that might not be a bad thing.

I wish for you to take the time to enjoy life. I wish for you, dear reader, to see the world the way I do. I wish for you to discover worlds that you didn’t pay attention to before, like the green assassin nymph bug that may live in your backyard because it lives in mine (top row, first picture). Below are a few examples of the life and beauty I have discovered at home.


I wish for you to enjoy the world around you while you can. There are many reasons for the world to disappear and for life to die away to extinction, so enjoy it while you can. This is my wish for my 16th birthday.

5 thoughts on “My birthday wishes

  1. You definitely are not weird for noticing nature’s beauty. I venture into the woods everyday and am always aware of all these creatures. With binoculars around my neck and that magnifying glass in my pocket, I am excited to see what wildflower is blooming and which birds are back from their migration. And of course I am a bugger too. I grew up around the world of insects. I had a collection and learned to identify pretty good. Which reminds me, the one you called a green fly is actually a Halicted bee from the Family of bees called Halictidae. Most people call them sweat bees. They are great pollinators. We need more of them around. I am glad you love to go out and notice nature. Its a rarity these days for people to do this. Most people don’t even realize what all is out there. Enjoy your trip.


    • I had some issues identifying a few insects, so I just titled the picture based on what I saw. The Halicted Bee is one of them. The difference between the grasshoppers are another. Thank you for helping me out. If I ever have troubles with identifying insects, I hope I can turn to you if you are not too busy.


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