My fortune for you

Tonight, we went out for Chinese food. It was delicious, but the food filled you up quickly. At the end of the meal, the waitress gave us our fortune cookies. Mine read as the following:

Dwelling on the negative

simply contributes to

its power.

The theme of this fortune ties in with the message of this blog, but especially the message of the last post. I agree with the fortune, but I also disagree with it.

I agree with the fortune because if we continually think about an awful event or group of people, we will become irrational about it. ISIS and the terror attacks are good examples. If we think about them too much, then we will become paranoid and will start to have an irrational fear of the group and the terror it creates. This fear could be uncontrollable, but that is what the organization wants. Although ISIS needs to disappear, we might have to ignore it in order for it to completely die out. We cannot go a day without hearing somewhere that someone died; you cannot go a day without seeing “ISIS” in the news somewhere. These fears of ours are consuming us. We need to take a break from the pain that humankind is inflicting upon itself.

I disagree with this fortune because you must see the negative side in life in order to change them and fix the problems. You must be informed of all the bad things in the world so that they won’t happen again. Does it need to be an obsession? No, but you should still have an idea of what is going on.

You should know what is wrong with the world. I have identified many issues that the world has. Dwelling on the negative is essential for my message. However, from the pessimistic view, you must change everything you see that is wrong. I have given you ways to change your daily routine to slowly make the world a better ans safer place to live in. I have given you feasible ways to change, and also some far-fetched ideas, but if they were to all come to reality, then perhaps you would see a difference in your life.

This fortune of mine is useful at best. I wanted to share it with you because I thought it would benefit you, dear reader, and I hope it has. Do you think it is true, or do you think it is wrong?

3 thoughts on “My fortune for you

    • I believe that opinions tend to change depending on your mood. Sometimes the world is great because I’m happy, and other times it is wretched due to my mood change. Is it wishy-washy? I dont know… But it does have an effect.


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