This is something that I have come across, and I thought I should share it with the world. Please continue to read.

c.s. Jade

It takes up to 60 minutes to die from an overdose. In that 60 minutes it takes your brain 1/5th of a second to tell your hand to move the pills to your mouth. It takes 1 minute to sum up how much you are worth. It takes 30 seconds to realise what you have done. It takes 1 second to dial 999. It takes 30 minutes for someone to realise you won’t answer. It takes 60 minutes just to end everything. That 60 minutes feels like a lifetime. In that lifetime of feels like centuries of pain. In that pain comes the guilt, anger, depression and weakness. Within all of that is you.

Sometimes the pain is not worth the fight but what is worth the fight is what you have. The support from your friends and family. They might not understand but try to think about how much…

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