Defeating ISIS Step One (version 2) complete!

On Friday, the organization I have been coordinating with over the past 2 months or so came to my high school and picked up the clothes. I was finally able to meet my lovely contact at the organization, and together (along with “Lucy” and a boy who was waiting to be picked up) we took some pictures and loaded up the white van. My mom had brought the clothes from “Lucy’s” high school half an hour before, so the pictures you see is everything that the two schools collected. I put black rectangles over our faces to protect our identities.

Although it was not a competition, “Lucy’s” high school ended up collecting more clothes than mine, but it was only by the box! It was tied except for the leftover t-shirts from “Lucy’s” school’s homecoming dance. Oh well, but that’s not the point!

We collected 18 huge trash bags (including the mini ones and the box) to give to the refugees whom have relocated to my hometown in order to live better lives. They have a lot on their plates with trying to find a job, to getting kids adjusted to their new schools, having to deal with language issues, and so much more but now hopefully they won’t have to stress about buying clothes for a while. I hope I made a difference in their lives.

Thanks everyone!

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