Happy Belated Earth Day

Earth Day was on Friday, on April 22, but the world really shouldn’t have just one day to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this magnificent planet. The world is important enough for it to have a full week or month all to itself so that humankind can be able to actually make a positive long-lasting impact on the biosphere. Maybe every seventh year should be Earth Year where humanity’s only goals are to benefit the health of the planet and of the organisms on the planet. Earth Day, by far, is one of my all-time favorite holidays, but it should be longer.

I love the planet so much. What humans are doing to the planet, that is a different story all together. Long live Israel for making the deserts bloom! Why can’t the rest of the world do that too? The problem is simple: one day is not enough to raise the proper awareness and to make an everlasting positive impact on the planet to reverse all of the awful things humankind is doing to it. Humans need more time! More time to learn about the dead fish, turtles, and birds that are found with tons of plastic inside of their corpses. More time to learn how to not emit so many fossil fuels. More time to explore the world and understand that humankind is destroying it from the outside in.

Humans produce toxins between the layes of Earth’s skin: the layers of the atmosphere. The poison then sinks into the flesh, or the planet itself, and spreads through the veins or rivers. If the toxins increase and continue to spread, we will kill the planet. The planet may still be here, but it will not be able to support life for its heart will be dead.

Stop killing the planet! No, the giant ball of matter is not going to disappear and humankind is not going to blow it up, but humans do have the capability to destroy every living organism on the planet. Therefore, one can say that humans are killing the planet since humans are killing everything on the planet.

Please make Earth Day longer. Please change the ways of humankind by changing yourselves and your daily routine. Don’t make the planet any warmer than it has to be, otherwise humans are going to make themselves go extinct.

Save the planet. Save life. Save humanity. Save yourself. Change.

Happy Earth Day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Earth Day

  1. We saw a lot of education about the environment and how to preserve nature at Epcot today. It is good to know that a strong message like that is showcased at such a place visited by millions of people and in particular children. Hopefully it will make an impact for future generations


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