Dear ISIS, Why?

It is beneficial to stay up to date in global events, especially in the modern world with terror running rampant. This is a post I have been meaning to write since I started my blog, and I think I finally have the courage to type it out and publish it to the world.

Dear ISIS and terrorists,

I am no one in the middle of nowhere. I am nothing and no matter what I try to do to stop you, you are still intact, causing terror and death. Terror groups like yours have never made sense to me. I’m afraid of the day where the logic behind your many destructive actions makes sense and is sound. I fear the day when the world could realize that fear is a part of life and there are some who thrive and live off of other’s fear. I’m not scared, although maybe I should be. I’m simply saddened, and curious.

Why do you kill? How does taking life benefit you and your cause? Do you have guilt in taking life? Is taking life not a sin in all cultures, all religions, and all societies? I’m sure that somewhere, in some archive, there is a list of all the names of the dead that were killed in the name of a terror group. I’m sure that the death toll has mounted into the thousands, if not millions,  because of the actions you took. What did those dead people do to you that made them deserve to die?

Why must you take prized monuments, that are older than the governments you have taken over, and turn them to rubble? Why destroy temples and other holly sites? How does that help your cause? If you are Muslim, as you claim to be, then destroying the artifacts and monuments that your ancestors built is an insult to them. Destroying the history of your bloodline and your people is an insult and a sin. Any person from any background and religion would agree with me except for you. Why? You tell me!

ISIS, why do you exist? What could have been so horrible and cruel to cause a group like yours to form? What is your goal? Surely the spread of terror is not the complete picture. Some of the ideas I came up with as to why you have acted the way you have includes a desire for global domination, a spread of the Muslim religion (although you are not true Muslims for true Muslims do not irrationally hate as you do), an urge to create a ‘better’ society from the rubble of the society that currently exists, and/or to establish your own terror country that is recognized by other countries. That last idea sort of goes along with global domination, but it is still an idea. What is the true reason behind you actions?

There is propaganda all over the web about why people my age should join ISIS. To the people who are reading this and have already joined, what glory do you find in murder? Is being a jihadist truly a noble cause? Wouldn’t you be trying to prevent war instead of trying to initiate it if ISIS was a noble cause? For your parents’ sake, get out of there! Go back to the community you were raised in because that is where you belong. You might not have felt like they wanted you, but trust me that they did want you to help the community thrive. Go somewhere where you will be safe and not have to kill or be killed. I promise you that there is a better life out there for you, you just need the courage to find it. I know this is easier said than done, moving and immigration always is, but I promise it will be worth your life to find a better life.

To all of these questions, I hope there is an answer.




If anyone reading this has an answer, feel free to comment and share the message.

4 thoughts on “Dear ISIS, Why?

  1. What i don’t realize is if truth be told how you are not really a lot more neatly-liked than you might be right now. You are very intelligent. You understand thus considerably on the subject of this topic, made me individually consider it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t involved until it is one thing to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. At all times handle it up!


  2. Very inspiring letter Elia! I am so proud of you! I don’t think anyone would have an answer for you, except that in your current mind set, you are able to question the situation. But Once one stop asking question, doubt the status quo, challenge ideas, then there is no rationalizing any actions. Brain washing is a dangerous tool that can make people do anything because they stopped asking why?


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