Make A Difference Today To Make Tomorrow Better

Once you have watched the video above, the rest will make sense.

I have never heard of the actress in the video before, but then again I’m not huge in social media. Apparently she is a huge voice in human rights and women’s rights all over the world. My mom shared the video with me because she thought Mrs. Jolie would be a role model for me (when helping humanity).

I’m sharing the video with you so the actress can inspire you as well. You think you may know what the outside world is like, but you will never truly understand unless you go there yourself and see the people for yourself. Let her words inspire you to change the way you see the world. Allow yourself to see the world for the horrible place it really is. Go travel and spend time with the natives of a foreign land and learn their struggles in order to help them once you go home again. Speak for them and help them; they do not have a voice of their own so interpret for them. Be the translator that makes the world less likely to tear itself to pieces at the seams.

Make a difference today. Change the world so that today’s problems will be irrelevant tomorrow. Make tomorrow better for all of the organisms that must coexist on this planet.

11 thoughts on “Make A Difference Today To Make Tomorrow Better

  1. Hello, I have recently noticed that you have produced some great works these last couple blogs. Do you give lessons or advice to a blog writer like me who has a lower Iq on blog writing? I would appreciate some help and keep up the good work.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you have enjoyed learning about the problems in modern society. Perhaps you will be able to help me change society to make everyday life worth living!
      Advice may come in many different forms to an individual. With that being said, I hope these next few points help.
      1) Inspiration: Lots of things happen in your everyday life. If you find something that you find has some significance to the theme of you blog, state it in a post and also write your opinion about that subject. My blog is about society’s problems and ways to fix them, so I find things in my life that I feel are unjust or should change, and I write about it.
      2)Point of view when writing: There are many ways to write a post, or an essay, so point of view and wording is important. When writing about certain subjects, first person point of view can be used but sometimes third person (ex “… one can easily see that …”) is more effective. My “Planet Earth is Dying” post is written in third person because it is an opinion/research essay type of post. The post above is in first person because it was something specifically about me that I wanted to share.

      I hope that helps.


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  3. there is hardship in the world and Angelina Jolie was able to open her eyes and mind and realized how lucky she was and she could make a difference with her high celebrity profile. But Elia, there is also a lot of Beauty and kindness in the world , so we need to make sure to keep a good balance;,not always focus on the dark, but also highlight the good in people and beauty in nature! May be by taking examples from the good (like Angelina) it can inspire people to combat the darkness!!!


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