ISIS Strikes Again: Orlando’s LGBT

Another attack and more deaths. Fifty souls have been lost today and many more have been hospitalized or wounded. I just heard on the radio that ISIS has taken responsibility for this attack on the gay nightclub and the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call before the attack. Ever since Ramadan began this year, the number of attacks around the world has increased drastically. To everyone who lost a loved one today, I am sorry.

This is not the first attack on this country by ISIS. This is not the first time an enemy has brought a war-zone scene to our homes. It is not the first time ISIS has attacked, but will it be the last? I call upon you, dear reader, to take a stand for what you know and believe is right! I call upon you to stand for the rights of our fellow human beings. Stand for the rights of humanity! Stand for the rights of the LGBT community!

When will this end? The shooting today has been the deadliest the US has ever seen on its soil. Many are calling it a massacre. How many more must die? How long will it be until we will be able to hear the screams of the people who run in terror? Why aren’t we acting against it, civilian against civilian? How long will it be until there will be peace? How many times must the cannonball fly before it is forever banned? The answer is blowing in the wind apparently, but where is the wind coming from and why is it taking so long for the wind to carry the answer to us? Is there even an answer?!

I am outraged. I am in pain. I am hurt. I grieve along side everyone who has lost a loved one today even through I don’t know anyone who has died. I want to act and show the world that this won’t happen again, but I don’t know what to do. So, I’m asking for your help. What should we do, as an international community, to show that we support those that died? What will we do the show that this will not happen again? What should we do around the world to show that ISIS does not dictate out lives and we have no fear?

A symbol is in order. We need a symbol to call everyone together to show the rest of the world that you, dear reader, are against the terrors of ISIS and you are not afraid to tell them that you will stand for everything you believe. What should this symbol be?

Please place all of your answers, ideas, more questions, or additional input in the comments bellow.

17 thoughts on “ISIS Strikes Again: Orlando’s LGBT

  1. I really love your site.. Pleasant colors & theme.
    Did you build this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my own website and want to learn where you got this from or just
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    • I used a template in WordPress that was free. There are hundreds of templates, both free and not free, within the WordPress customization button. Within this theme, there are different color pallets. I chose the one that reminds me of the French flag because of the attack on Paris. The name of the theme is at the bottom of every page. Maybe the publication theme?


  2. Santa Monica, CA just had another man caught with weapons and explosives going to a gay parade ready to do the same as in Orlando, I guess… more details will come later. Good thing they caught him.
    You are asking when will this happen again. Soon, very soon, and it will go on as long as you let the wolves run wild. Remember I mentioned to you there are 3 kinds of people: wolves, sheep, and sheep dogs. What do you want to be? A wolf will run down a sheep, a sheep dog will run down a wolf, a sheep is a meal for the wolf. Only a person can chose what in life the want to be. We are being let to fend for our selves, a blind man can see. If our government would do like they use to do all this would stop. Examples are the Nazis found out, socialist Italy found out, Japan found out, and on and on. Just imagine if we had the people running the world now in the 1940`s. You and I would not be here having this line of conversation. Maybe next time you come visit I’ll show you how the sheep dogs run. :0)


    • I’m glad that the California incident was avoided. ISIS led terror on either side of the United States on the same day would have been terrible. Morality, sanity, and clear thinking would certainly have gone out the door for several people.

      I try my best to be a sheep dog. I try to bring down the wolves and help the sheep. I had my fundraiser that tried to make the wolves “starve”, so I did do something. Low self esteem makes me a sheep sometimes, but I’m trying to change that (reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” right now). I promise you that I will never be a wolf.

      Each decade breeds a new kind of people. Perhaps the world will breed better people in the future.


      • Should the US government allow people to own hand weapons and guns for hunting but limit private ownership of semi- and fully auromatic weapons? Some believe that if such laws were in place the shooting in Orlando would have been much more limited in scope – other believe that through private ownership perpretrators of mass shootings can be stopped, before 50 inoocent people lost thier lives, before the police arrived, before the SWAT team was called in. Defang the wolves so the sheep dogs can be more effective in thier vigilence? What should be the future direction of the US so its citizens can once again feel safeon its own streets?


        • Wake up ,you don’t need a full auto weapon to kill people on a mass scale. Stop being a Liberal media parrot, Guns don’t kill people ,people do. Laws will not and have not stopped a single person from killing. You can obtain a gun legally or the black market. When will people learn lunatics and criminals do NOT follow the same rules as law abiding people. Stop putting them together you will sound like you know what your talking about. More laws don’t make these things go away. OY!!!!!


      • I know you will never be a wolf. But it looks like the wolves are still eating the sheep. Sorry about the self esteem thing something you have to work at. Take care kid have a great summer


    • The American isolationists of the 1930s nearly caused precisely the types of events about which you hypotheisize for they tried to keep the US out of the war, who tried to prevent the US intervention in European affairs, prevent the actions that eventaully lead to the fall of the Nazis and their Italian allies. It is because of those isolationists that the US considers WWII to have started in 1941 while and for the rest of the western world it began in 1939. Now there are isolationsits running for higher office in the US. Can we risk them winning the upcoming Nov elections and turning the US into a sheep on the internaitonal front?


      • I do not wish to start a political war on my blog for this is not the place to be having this type of discussion. I do agree that we should not follow an isolationist policy, we should not by a country of sheep, but I’m not pointing fingers at any politician running for president. Otherwise, I do agree with what you have said.


      • Isolationists of the 1930`s Hummm. We just came out of the great depression and our country did not have the means or money to fight a war or get into one. The timing buy FDR was perfect, Remember we won the war against two of the worlds largest army`s, But Once we had our backs against the wall we had no other avenues but to fight. We are kind of in the same situation now we are broke and have a bad economy so unless we have another 9/11 and form a draft we will all well some be sheep.


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