A view of a Jew

My cousin sent me this video and I am a touch perplexed my it because it makes sense. I wish for you to view this video because I would like your opinion on this Rabbi’s point of view. This Rabbi is going to speak to you from Jerusalem about what President Obama has said thus far of the topic of ISIL in his Orlando Shooting speech.

Please share your opinion and your view in the comments bellow.


16 thoughts on “A view of a Jew

    • I am a Jew and I help the real people. It is you who has no respect for the world around you. You sit and do nothing while I, a Jew, am making a difference in people’s lives from around the world. I have respect; that is why I wish to fix the world and make it better. What are you doing exactly?

      If you try to destroy the Jews, you will end up destroying yourself. Just ask Hitler, Stalin, the royalty of Spain, the ancient Egyptian Pharos, the kings of Persia, etc… Oh wait. You can’t. Because they don’t exist anymore. Before you kill my people, just remember history. You will just end up destroying yourself and I will continue to change the world for the better. This is not a threat, this is just a summary of what happened in history. Is it a coincidence to you? I would not take that chance, but then again, my opinion is worthless to you. Enjoy your life while you still have it. Best of luck to you.


  1. Really good analysis of this rabbi. I did. It see Obama’s specs and I can’t believe that he made a speech just to address the use or no use of radical Islam…. What’s the point? The point is that a terrorist killed 50 people. Who cares about a label???? Do we have so much time on our hands to spend time and money to be so politically correct? I am a lefty by that does not mean that I agree with everything and the Middle East situation is one of them! Good video Elia! More people should see it . It is all a matter of seeing things with different angles to see a bigger and better picture!


  2. You can combat an ideology with arguments but you can only beat an armed, organized and advancing group by going to battle with them, by going to war.


  3. Buffering is so slow on my devices, it takes too long, so I only saw some of the video. But, all these “pop-up” groups believe in one, overarching ideology, even if they differ on matters between different groups of the same faith. And Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Mag made a great point in stating that it’s still a foreign ideology when it attacks us on our own soil, so you can’t call it “homegrown” terrorism, even if the terrorist is a born citizen to the land. His article was about the tendency to call it domestic terrorism, when it’s really foreign terrorism.


    • Randy you honestly believe what you read and don’t look at the big picture yourself. What does that matter if a terrorist is born here or in the middle east . He is going to commit a terrible act of violence do you not get that. I’m just curious on how Liberals think. Anyway what was the whole point of that. Terrorism here or there. Its terrorism.


        • He is not crazy ,He just is a man who will not take crap from no one. He is not PC and he is a real man .Its what we need in this country very badly. We are not raising men in this country any more long story but you know what I do for a living and I see men acting like little sissy every single day . We need a roll model for a bunch of them not including young boys. Catlin Jenner is not a good roll model.


      • You didn’t understand me, Jeff. The point IS that it’s terrorism. I’m voting for Trump; I’m no liberal. I volunteered almost 9 months at a base in Israel during the bad bus blow-ups, and double-bombings which killed Dr. Applebaum and daughter. I live, eat, breathe and worry this matter each day I live. I know all about Islam and I’m under no disillusions as to its deadliness. Frontpage Mag isn’t liberal, either. Sufi, shi’ite, Wahhabi, sunni — doesn’t matter because they all commit terrorism. They need to stop worrying what the names of the terrorist groups are, cuz their goal is ALL the same; spread Islam, and either convert or kill the infidel. Do I sound like a liberal?


        • If I did not understand Randy I stand corrected sir. Sorry !. But to be honest you did sound like a lefty. Sick of all the PC garbage. Ill make this short we just need to go and finish the job once and for all with these terrorists. This President wont , the new one if its Trump will. With out or safety or health we have nothing. I commend you on what you did in Israel. Its also to sad to think that the doctor and his daughter had to die in that way. The Libs in this country wont get it until that starts to happen here, By then it maybe to late. They think guns are the issue what a laugh, That is one reason why I and every one I basically know is voting Trump in. We know one person who is and I think we have her mind made up as well. Facts don’t lie about crooked Hillary and her rapist husband


          • It’s amazing how hypocritical the Left is and the garbage they’ll allow. I’m tired of it, too. All my years and years of petition-signing and internet chatroom discussions barely made a dent (although I still do those things). I’ve accelerated my actions and its effects through more physical work, by being there as a volunteer; I even gave out buttons and shirts at a Trump event, because I signed on to help as a volunteer. Lefties fight for women’s rights, divorce and abortion, but they insist on keeping women under the niqab/hijab/coverings and chauvinism of Islam. In what seems like purely political maneuvering to keep a Clinton in the political game, Hillary shows her true colors by sticking with this philanderer, who devalues and debases her by cheating with one after another woman. And Hillary keeps an aide, Huma Abedin, whose father’s ties to terrorism are constantly mentioned in the press, and who sticks with her husband, who had political power, even though he debased her and devalued their marriage when he continuously texted nude pix of himself of what, not incongruously, are called “private parts”, to other women! And all of the Lefties side with Hitler by their facilitation of the Arab genocide, by slow degrees, of the Jews, as well as of the Middle-East Christian and other minorities, such as the Kurds, etc. Islam is radical by its very precepts. Some carry the murders out, and the rest of the Muslums acquiesce when they allow it to occur. Their silence speaks for itself. It speaks to their agreement of the actions carried out, just as the silence of the German people made them complicit in the murders of our six million Jewish brothers and sisters.


            • Randy, You can come hang out with me any time in TN. You would fit right in, all that you have mentioned above is so true it sickens me and all my friends and my hundreds ,yes hundreds of customers who talk to me about the very things you have mentioned. I never start a religion or political conversation with my customers but they all do to me and my son who works for me as well. So it goes to show how many people are on the same normal page. I hope Trump gets in, I fell if not our country is done. We are a young country and have all the most modern things and a great life here, BUT the Germans and all the other people in the world who felt the same thing. Had there country`s come crashing down at some point. I know, not here. If I had a $100 dollar bill for every holocaust, Killing fields and Kurd I have meet over the years have said them very words once . Before it all came crashing down on them I would already been retired living in Belize. I have meet a bunch. W have 7 in my temple alone.


  4. What`s to be baffled or puzzled about? The man is correct its plain to see. Denial is a big problem in our country and I don’t know why. The rabbi hit it right on point. I had over 61 responds to it in my emails so far everyone is one the same page they know he is correct.


    • I agree that the rabbi is right. That’s why I put the video on my blog. If I say that it is right, then people will be turned off and won’t read because they feel as though I’m forcing them to think it is right. I would rather stay neutral and have people decide for themselves that it is right. Hopefully people will be as eager to watch the video on my blog as they were when replying to you!


      • I understand. Ill be curious to see what people think buy the way its now up to 69 and I have 80 on my account.


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