The curse of my people


There have been some comments on my blog that have been very anti-Semitic. I deleted them immediately because they are not appreciated. I am Jewish and I am proud, but many people don’t understand that there is a price to pay for being Jewish.


Price 1: Hatred

I wake up every day knowing that a good third or fourth of the world hates me for what I was born into. They hate me because of who my ancestors are. They blame me for their problems even though most of those haters don’t know I even exist! How is someone supposed to get out of bed every morning when they know that nothing they do is good enough for the world? Unexplainable hatred is a heavy burden. Would someone like to explain to me why they wish me dead at the push of a button because I believe that Hashem is god?

Price 2: Mockery

I have been teased many times about being Jewish. Some dare to make fun of me. I wear my Star of David with pride, but they wish to take it all away. If someone is able to get past the hatred, then the mockery strips most of everything they have left away. That’s when you may feel as though the world is set up against you. It absolutely is!

Price 3: Death threats

Although this has not happened to me, I have heard many stories about Jews of all ages who get death threats. The worst it has gotten for me is when I overheard a few people saying how all Jews should die. They also said that Jews have no right to live. Then they looked my way so I ran. Thankfully I never saw them again!

Price 4: Death/Genocide

Millions of Jews have died the last 100 years because of what they believe in. I have lost several family members to the holocaust and the Great Purge in the USSR. At least 8 million died: 6 million due to Hitler and about 2 million from Stalin. Not many people live in fear from another genocide, but the Jewish people do. Of course we will fight, but it is going to happen again. It is just a matter of time.


There are many more reasons, both more serious and less serious, as to why it is difficult to be a Jew. Many people don’t understand what it means to be Jewish, as shown in Gema’s comment on Acceptance and Tolerance, so I hope this helps. Although a non-Jew may not understand, you should understand that it takes courage, chutspa, and resilience to be Jewish. Shalom to all.

3 thoughts on “The curse of my people

  1. Good post, Elia. I hope you or your family reported those people who said Jews should die and that Jews should not live, and then looked at you, to the police and to the watchdogs, like ADL and others. Let them follow-up. If they keep getting visits from the authorities, maybe they’ll stop. It may also stop a future incident from happening, before it’s too late.


  2. Jews all over the world could at any time stop all this. There is only one place in the world were Jews can`t have all these thing happen to them. Guess were, it is Israel. Yes they have more than there share of terror attacks but think why don’t 3 plus BILLION Muslims who hate Jews attack Israel. The numbers are over whelming. One reason and one only they all are trained to use firearms and to fight back. Its the only reason if any body thinks different they are delusional. Imagine these head lines in the media, A record amount of Jews in the USA and through out the world are buying up in record numbers GUN`s , and ammunition in large amounts. OY! what would every single person think. We are all going to become terrorists , Take over the world , What?. They would all think twice about doing all the thing mentioned in this blog. As some know my family is well armed, that’s all I will say about that. But since me and a few guys who are also Jews in my temple, who own ,carry and use guns to hunt, we decided to offer FREE to teach people how to arm and defend themselves ,family and property. They pay for ammo is all .To this date 76 Jews have learned to shoot safely, Bought there first firearms and have went on to get more training. We heard everything from I am scared to ,I never shot a gun and I or we never knew anybody who would show us how to shoot. What a shame.Well only thing to say from here is Jews have a choice like most people to either be a blob on the floor begging for your life or leave a pile of spent cartridges on the floor defending yourself or that of a loved one in the even something bad happens.. Your cell phone will not save you and the police are only there to mop up after the fact. I remember the horrors shown on TV of all the IDIOTS filming what happed in France ,Belgium and Here. Imagine if one just one had a weapon . Things would of come out differently. We live in a dangerous world if you think other wise you either blind or living in denial. Yes of course there are many good people but be ready to meet the bad ones. The one thing our rabbi loves is to see me and my other two friends at any holiday service, He knows we are carrying and thinks it is a great idea, But like he said after we showed him to shoot as well, Ill never forget it he said, only if my father had a weapon in Hungry he may have survived . I said your right and you wont ever have to worry about you becoming a victim. If anyone is upset with this to bad just remember some temples are ready for anything in Nashville. Have a great 4th remember what that day means and how it was won .Not with a cell phone or a weak President.


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