There is a story about this gigantic, fictional bird who is able to talk to god. I don’t remember the name of this bird, but I think it starts with a “Z”.  One day, god asks the bird to find the hardest word to say in the world. The bird flies far and wide, finds a difficult word to pronounce, and comes back to the mountain top to say the word to god. Each time the bird is wrong. Eventually the bird gives up and says that he is sorry. God then replies that “I am sorry.” is the hardest thing to say.

Why is this relevant? I need to say a few things that are usually hard to say, but with a deep breath, here goes nothing…

I am sorry for accidentally making the last few posts a bit too personal and opinionated. I am sorry that I have struck a tangent in my writing, causing me to “miss the point” about making the world a better place by fixing the problems. Criticizing the US by destroying the Pledge of Allegiance won’t help anyone. I am sorry to everyone who was offended, hurt, or was confused by my lack of clarity.

I suppose what I was trying to say is that the US is not perfect, although many people claim that it is. People my age have a tendency to be very nationalistic by saying things such as “America is #1! America is the greatest! America is the best!” and it doesn’t stop with teenagers. Those statements are not true. The US is by far not the best but it is by far not the worse. If you were to analyse every single action that the government has done to its own citizens and to the world, one would find that there are good deeds and mistakes. What makes the US have the potential to be great is that it may be able to successfully learn from its mistakes.

“Jeff”, show this message to your friends and tell them that the cruelties of Afghanistan and Iraq visit my nightmares, so I know what they mean when they say I should go there to know what bad governments are like.

I was trying to show the world that the US exaggerates, fibs occasionally, and changes the textbook to make itself seem not as bad. There will be a post tomorrow about this as well concerning what really is the worst massacre on US soil (hint: It is not Orlando). Many countries may do this for different reasons, but the point is that the US is not perfect, so it is not the best. It is also not the worst, so I’m glad I live here and not in a village in Africa that has no fresh water. However, the US may need some next generation updating.

I may not be as nationalistic as the average American, but that is because I try to see the ways this country can improve itself. The most effective way I can make this country better is to become part of congress or even the president one day to make this country great for once (not “again” like what Trump says because this country hasn’t exactly been great since it was created). Who thinks me as president is a bad idea? Anyways, my opinion on certain matters may not be correct nor appeasing to others, but I do try to learn from my mistakes. It may have been a mistake to post The Pledge of Allegiance, but I hope that I won’t make that mistake again. It was inflammatory and offensive. I’m sorry.




Now that I think I am back on track with the topics I should probably not cover, I would like your opinions. When I say your, I mean every last person who comes across this article and gets this far. What do you want me to write about? What do you think are problems in this world? What do you like so far about this blog now that it is older than 6 months? What would make this blog better? Please comment below.

8 thoughts on “Apologizing

  1. Hi Elia, it takes someone of true character to apologize. You rocked it. I’m not sure you really needed to but, still, like your meme states, sometimes we apologize because the relationship is more important than being right. Our country is very divisive right now, unfortunately. Many of us want to lay blame on the “other” and this is just not a productive tactic. I read your Pledge post and I’m pretty sure I understood what you were going for and why. Maybe the tone and the example were a bit too much for some but again, I think you were making a valid point. All countries and people for that matter, commit good and bad. But like you, I think the only way we van improve and strengthen our country is by taking a long hard look at where we’ve been and where we are in order to walk into a future proud of who we are. Good work, my friend.


  2. I will show them sweetie. Was out with them last night fishing . So before they go back to the sand box.( the middle east) I wanted to spend time with this young men and my friends who at any time I may never see again. Been knowing them since they are little boys. Now men protecting us all, every single day. I thank God we still have people who want to serve. Glad you seen what you wrote was incorrect. It was very offensive to say the least, But anyways.But part of being a adult is admitting when your wrong. And the way you know your wrong is some times when people remind you of it in a hard but loving way. Take care misses President. If you were to one day run I will make a hefty donation.

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  3. I am glad that you now see that what you wrote did not address what you had hoped, about government “lies” and, as you now write, could be rather offensive to some. The flag of a country is a symbol. Think of the symbolic reverence with which Jews treat the torah (and anything in which gods name is written in the orthodox Jewish tradition) – people’s feelings about their countries’ flags parallel that line of reason, think about how people here are rightly proud of what has been accomplished, even if flawed. You should have not been be so dismissive. I am glad you realize that now.

    You may have a point about the inclusion of god in the pledge. It is just another controversial aspect of life in the modern US – by including god the pledge excludes some of society but that does not change the intent, nor the pride Americans have when saying it. Two generations ago there were signs posted both in the US and in Canada: “no jews or dogs allowed”. That was when your grandpa was a boy. The signs were no more by the time your father was a boy. This shows how society has made progress. Today there are other social issues that our society debates, having the word god in the constitution, the separation of church and state, and whether scultures of the 10 commandments should be on display at government buildings, the LGBT rights about which you posted an entry…. We continue to move forward, realizing that things will never be perfect and that people have the right to differ in opinion. The fact that we can debate such things is part of the wonderful freedom deomcracies offer their citizens. Be glad to be part of one, to be in a land that offers you that freedom (if that freedom were not there, if you lived somewhere else, the government might come down on you, arrest you, for something as simple as having criticized the Pledge).

    BTW, as you listen to the news, or to one political party or thier supporters, criticize the other, remember this: it is much easier to criticize than to lead, and hindsight is always 20:20 – where were these people who are criticizing when it had been time to decide how to act? What were their opinions back then? What was and where was their advice when it was decision time? Did they make their voices heard? Continue to use you blog to voice your opinions, to make people think, to drive change, just make sure that you are doing your research first, as you have done on many occasions in the past.

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  4. I’m happy to hear that there are people your age who DO think America is great. All of the Western-type democratic countries deserve the bragging rights they’ve earned. These democratic countries help to fight the tyrannies, fascism, and communism, which oppresses people living under their yoke in those
    societies. That we can do so is great. Many countries are the results of conquered peoples, from the beginning of history. Not that that’s thought of as justified, today; but, it’s history’s reality worldwide. It’s good that you must be a citizen and an adult with some life experience behind you before becoming President, so that you have had time to see how youthful ideals and reality actually pan out in the real world. Your statement reminds me of the one Mrs. Obama made about only being to be proud of America for the first time (when her husband became President). How opportunistic. Spoiled. Both she and her husband went to prestigious schools and became lawyers — that’s better than the education I got. Did they pay for those educations? They were upper-middle-class, if not higher, in lifestyle/earnings, whatever. Oh, such suffering. Waaaahh!!!


    • The US has dobe both great things and terrible things. Most people my age forget about the terrible things. They only see and know of one side of the story. I’m trying to show the world that there is a very different side, an ugly side, and we must accept that the ugly exists. We can try to undo the wrongs, we can try to make the future better, but only if we accept what really went on in the past.

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