Attention: Family and Friends

For the safety of everyone, please do not use your last names when writing a comment!!!

Given the nature of this blog, there are many corrupt organizations in the world who could take offense to some of the articles. Some of these articles include I Will Defeat ISIS and I Love Israel and You Should Too. Many of these corrupt organizations, some of which may be terrorist groups, have the ability to track you given the information you put in the comments.

Please do not put you location in the comments.

I do not know if one of these organizations would act given what I have said and done to undo some of them, but for your safety and for the safety of your loved ones, please be a little more cautious. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Attention: Family and Friends

  1. isis does not care at all about you. I know your probably a self centered girl who thinks the world revolves around you, but isis has no reason to waste their time on you lol


    • I am not self centered. The world does not revolve around me. I am a Jew and therefore a rat. A good fourth of the world hates me. I wrote this post to protect the people I care about from ISIS who have a tendancy to do crazy things. This post is about concern for others, not me.


    • No matter what controvertial subject matter one writes about in social media, it is always safest to maintain anonymity, even if just domestic issues such as gun control, abortion, immigration…. The threat to a teenage girl need not come from an organization or even an organized group, but could be from a single deranged person upset by what he or she read.


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