Crickets Galore

Field Cricket

feild cricket 1.jpg

Scientific name: Gryllinae

This cricket would not stay still! Out of all crickets, these get spooked most easily. The fact that I managed to get a picture this close and this clear is a minor miracle. Apparently, this cricket is a male because there are only two short spikes on its rump. The antenna are the length of its body and the legs are smaller than the main body.

Cave Cricket

Cave cricket

Scientific name: Rhaphidophoridae

Normally this type of cricket is huge; about the length of your thumb without the antenna. This one is maturing into adulthood because it was only about an inch long. Notice that the hind legs are about the length of the body and the antenna are twice the length. The back is gently curved without many details in plating and scales???

Crickets are eaten in some Asian cultures because they are high in protein without the bulk of a steak. All you need to eat is 20-50 crickets and you have eaten the same amount of protein as a full portion of beef, cooked in whatever manner you prefer. If we were to breed crickets for food instead of cows, the rainforest might not be depleting as fast (a good portion of rainforests are being cut down to room for the cattle industry). That would lead to more trees removing more carbon dioxide, which in tern would help with global warming and the hole in the ozone.

I’m not suggesting that eat your backyard crickets, I haven’t eaten any myself, but it might be worth trying. What do you think?

Source: Crickets Galore

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