Middle Eastern Marriage

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I watched a video earlier this afternoon about three Middle Eastern men who were apparently scholars discuss the topic of appropriate marriage. They discussed what age a woman should marry according to their ancient scriptures, but also the unnerving topic of how old a “woman” can have sex.

You see, a woman can be married off between the ages of 11 and 15. The “woman” must have started puberty, shown by one of three signs apparently. Sign one: menstrual cycle. Sign two: voice change. Sign three: pubic  hair in private areas. To the men discussing this, there is a difference between marriage and having sex, because the woman can only have sex if she can “handle it”.

I couldn’t watch the whole video on Facebook, but I did share it if you want to watch it.

To all of you poor teenagers who have been married off at far too young an age, here is some inspiration for your well being:

It should be a woman’s decision whether she is ready to have sex or to get married. Random men should have no input on such a matter. To all of the women who are trying to have equal rights and get rid of the shawls that cover their faces, hair, and bodies, mazel tov. I hope that you continue to fight the sexist Middle Eastern laws from the biblical days. We live in the twenty first century, and you should be proud of who you are and what you look like. If men can’t control themselves because of how great you may or may not look, then that is their fault, and you should not be forced to cover up.

Be proud of who you are and what you look like! Be free! Fight on!

3 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Marriage

  1. unfortunately, it exists, and i dont know how we can stop this… what is even worse, it that in these early marriage society, mutilation of these young girls are also occuring, because they are not supposed to have pleasure during sex….just procreation….. how can such barbaric customs be still existing in these days with access to knowledge everwhere….it boggles my mind. it is all about control after all.


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