The Importance Of Humanity

I had to write an essay with a unique premis. You see, I was told to write an essay to aliens who had been observing humanity for a time period, just to discover that humanity and this alien race had nothing in common. The aliens want to annihilate humanity because they think we are expendable. It was my job as the essay writer to convince the aliens not to destroy humanity.

The subject I chose to write my three page essay was individualism amongst humanity. Individualism and uniqueness: how no two humans are the same. I hope you’ll find the time and enjjoy reading it.

Dear alien species,

You are here and you have been observing us for some time now, but perhaps not observing us as well as you should.  Due to your decision to annihilate the human race, you have clearly misunderstood what humanity is like and why humanity deserves to continue to exist.   Humanity has many qualities that you may find unique to our species.  Some qualities may not be unique, but are important to have nevertheless.  You see, no two humans are the same.  This may cause problems in human society, but it allows for creativity, ingenuity, and the betterment of society in all aspects of society.  Humanity deserves to live because each individual is unique; each individual has his or her own purpose in life and must fulfill their purpose to make society better.

If it is true that your race has nothing in common with the human race, then all of you must look the same, think the same way, and have the exact same story or childhood.  Your lives must be exactly the same, which means the concept of uniqueness is foreign to you.  You do not understand what it means to be different than your fellow citizen.  That is where you can learn from us.  It is for this reason that humanity deserves to live.

Each individual is different.  No two humans are alike.  We all have our unique set of genetic code embedded in the nuclei of our cells.  We all look different, like different things, and dislike different things that we find in our everyday lives.  Each individual is raised in a slightly different manner that shapes the way that individual will be like in adulthood.  No two individuals have the same story, same culture, or have the same life experience.  No two societies on this planet are quite the same, leading to drastic differences among cultures and people.

To further this idea, people in a specific country are different than the inhabitants of another country, and the individuals in one country are different from the other individuals living in the same country, city, or neighborhood.  To properly judge humanity, you must judge each human individually.  To do this well, you must get to know every human on a personal level, for each human is not like another.

This uniqueness among personalities, desires, and more allows all individuals to have a different path in life.  Each has a specific role to play in human society, even if it means that the individual is supposed to be a beggar on a street corner for a few years.  We all have our purpose in life and in society.  To demonstrate this further, consider a common game humans play, called a puzzle.  Like a puzzle, each person is a piece that makes a larger picture when put together.   Society is a mesh of all types of people, but the outcome is truly spectacular.

Due to the fact that humanity has individualism, each human has his or her own struggle in life.  Each human sees and understands life in a different way.  Each human approaches a problem in society a slightly different way.  This may lead to mistakes and failures, but because of our uniqueness, we understand how to turn the failure into a success.  Humans make mistakes. Another human who is different can turn that mistake into something beautiful, something that helps others.

Uniqueness also can cause arguments and fights.  It can cause nations to battle each other due to different viewpoints.  This may result in death and tragedy, but when society needs it most, humanity is able to put their differences aside to help each other in a common cause.  This is most exemplified when looking at the Communist takeover of China during World War II.  They may have had a political fight when the war broke out, but they managed to work together against Japan and fight Japan successfully.

Uniqueness and individualism is something that makes humans human and it is the reason why society exists in its current form.  There are no two people alike on this planet.  This may make some people have bad qualities and execute terrible actions, but this individualism also allows for people to have amazing qualities and advanced society in a drastic way.  Some may ask whether the good outweighs the bad, for individuality will produce good and bad people, but good and bad is a relative idea. Good people may be born amongst terrible people, but that may help those good people become better. Individualism helps balance society and helps it progress. This is what makes humanity unique and special amongst the stars.




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