Religion Wars

**Note: Images in article may disturb viewers. Caution is advised.**

On Facebook, I am subscribed to Jews News to get a different perspective on world events. These events revolve around religion based tragedies or incidences and the latest bombings going around. Every once in a while, I will find an uplifting article, but most of the time the articles are about terror attacks and information along the lines of that.

It is because of Jews News that my eyes have been opened to new horrors of the Middle East. I talked about child marriages and women’s rights recently, but I have read articles and seen pictures that reminds me that the holocaust might not have ended the way we all thought it did.

A Muslim woman will have acid thrown in her face for various reasons. If she is seen with a phone or objects to something her husband did (such as cheat on her), then surrounding personnel have the right to cruelly distort a beautiful face with acid to create a “skin melting” monster of a woman. If you were to search “Muslim acid attacks”, you would be horrified at the images google would bring. This is a mild example of what could happen:

Such events occur far more often than many readers would like to imagine, and the outcome often leads to a horrible, painful death. I had no idea that this happened in the modern day world. I didn’t even know people did this period. If any readers can forward the link of this post to someone who can help spread the world and/or help, please do so.

Not only have acid attacks been occurring, body parts of victims are now trophies. I have seen pictures on the news of Middle Eastern men carrying hands and feet as trophies with a gun in their other hand to show that they had killed the person to whom the hands and feet originally belonged to. Every once in a while, I will come across a head being carried off, or a mother holding her 4-year-old daughter’s beheaded body (the story was found on Facebook too. I forwarded it to my page). Apparently ISIS has developed a taste for spilling Christian blood. After the head is cut up, they also cut off the arms and legs and lay then neatly in plies for god knows what. Seeing piles of body parts in piles makes me wonder if we are still in 1940-45 Poland, if you know what I mean. This is what I mean:

Image result for woman holding beheaded 4 year old girl

The world is collapsing on itself. Society is crumbling. Europe isn’t having a problem with refugees so much that it is more of a religion problem. Religion is destroying the world and tearing it appart. People are attacking and blaming each other based on their faith instead of what kind of a person they are. Humanity and society is about to wage a war such as the world hasn’t seen in centuries, and with modern technology, it will be a war that the world has never seen.

Be prepared, dear reader. The world is not a safe and happy place. The religion war is going to be knocking on your front door soon. Stay safe out there.


11 thoughts on “Religion Wars

    • What in the world do you mean? These are real people in real life. That is an actual woman holding a photo of what she looked like before she was assaulted with acid. Those are real heads from men who used to be alive. Nothing is fake. This is the reality of the world we live in.


  1. Hi, Elia.

    The first time I read your article, the photos hadn’t loaded; now they have. They are horrible and atrocious. The people have a base mentality and they revel in this. They apparently don’t cherish the sanctity of life, and they love to act this way, being always a hair’s breadth away from committing another such similar action.

    I just wanted to wish you a happy New Year and hope that you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life. Shanah Tovah!


    • People can be horrible and cruel. These were some of the least disturbing images I could find. I don’t have the stomach for something 10 times worse.
      Let us pray that the next year be filled with less death and tragedy than this past year. To a brighter future! Shannah tova.


        • I don’t know exactly how to respond…
          On one hand, information is being distributed to the public about the horrors that happen to Middle Eastern Women.
          On the other hand, the information is being displayed in comic form which can either make the situation less sincere/dire or even mock the whole situation.

          How do you feel about this?


          • Well, I’m a paradox in action. Both prudish and liberal, at the same time. My initial reaction about the exposure in the open of sensitive matters into general society leads me to always feel that it will desensitive people to issues so that they begin to see them as normal — thus ratcheting up violence, more and more. But, sometimes bringing issues out rids them of the stigma attached. In this case, the segment was really about the technology, called Prius (something…. I missed it), and it was the coolest app. You could scan a mural, and compile more on top of or behind it, creating a scene. They kept making these awesome graphic effects; I loved the technology! What are your thoughts about it?


  2. And I ask to all readers, “Is humanity truly civilized? Is humanity truly wonderful? If so, please explain that to me, because I don’t seem to understand…”

    Please respond.


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