From a Friend on the “res”

My friend who hurt her ankle while showing me how to dance Fancy Shawl, the friend I briefly talked about in my last post, she shared this video with me a few minutes ago. This speech occurred in Brazil in 1992. I believe many of us have forgotten her words, but we must remember them. We must continue to help and work with her and the organization called Echo to fix the problems in the world.

If I could, I would make this unique girl, now a full fledged woman, my best friend.

May you take her words to heart. May we all repair the world together. May we all learn to help each other. May there be a day where  beggars are no longer seen on the streets. May there be a day where there are no more ghettos in cities. May there be a day where there are no more third world counties.

To go back to my last post, the US government does not understand that the Cheyenne Reservation is basically a third world nation in a first world country. If you are a politician and you are reading this, take my words and her words to heart. May we undo all our wrongs.

(P.S. This post is my 70th post. Another milestone crossed)

2 thoughts on “From a Friend on the “res”

  1. I’ve been to these reservation in Nevada and you are so right they look like a 3rd world country and not the USA. What these people have to put up with is unbelievable.
    They have no running water, electric etc. They do grow there own crops for food and make the best of this. They need more support from the government giving starts at home. Take care of our own 1st.


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