Saving the Cheyenne

Building With Blankets was a success. It lasted for three weeks at my high school and I managed to raise 80 lb of clothes and blankets. The students and teachers at my high school were very enthusiastic about the project and donated a TON of coats. Some of the items still had tags on them from the store, which means that some families bought hats, gloves, and scarves specifically for my fundraiser! How awesome is that?

Here are some pictures:

I raised two huge bags for coats, one of which was entirely filled by my mom, a bag of blankets, a bag of sweaters, and a bag of hats/scarves/gloves. These bags will now be emptied, put in boxes, and will be shipped to the college on the Cheyenne Reservation for the college students to distribute to the community. It will take about $75 plus tax to ship… so if any of you want to donate some money to help get the donations to the reservation, just let me know.

Additionally, another high school in my area is also doing the fundraiser! I hope to double the “profits” with their help. Their version of the fundraiser is still going on, so if you know what school I am talking about, feel free to donate. I won’t say the name of the school for the protection of the students, but if you know who I am talking about, then I hope you can help the cause.

Things have been going great so far! Eighty pounds and counting, about $150 to ship everything, and hopefully the donations will be distriuted to the Cheyenne people by Christmas/Chanukkah time. Thanks for your help!

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