An individual voice

individuallgHow are we supposed to be an individual?  There are so many people out there that it seems impossible to be different, to be unique.  On top of that, you and I are both in high school.  This is a time where we are supposed to conform to the general populace to be accepted.  How are we supposed to be an individual if everyone is supposed to have a standard base to be accepted?  To all of those who have asked these questions, I have solved the riddle, so pay attention and I hope I can help you solve your own personal riddle.

Last year, on December 6, 2015, I started a blog.  Doing so was the foundation of my individualism.  I first published a letter to the world, asking why we aren’t doing anything to help Syrian children who get hurt due to the war around them.  You see, I had read an article on the news about how a doctor had to amputate an eight-year-old girl, only to have her die a few hours later.  The doctor had to remove both of her legs and one arm, but there were shards of glass in her intestines, heart, and brain, so she eventually died.  This Syrian girl died because the United States bombed the village.  This story made me so angry, that I needed a way to show the world how angry I was.  Thus, Humanity Has Hope was founded.

Being an individual means having ideas.  It means having an opinion and not being afraid to have your voice heard.  If you are shy like I sometimes am, it is nice to share your thoughts digitally.  To some people, this comes easily; to others it is more difficult.  Don’t worry, though.  Defining yourself will take time, but it is your actions that will help the most.

Humanity Has Hope, the title of my blog, was the founding moment of my individuality.  It has allowed be to voice my opinion of a variety of subjects.  Such subjects include homosexual right, different fundraisers I have created to help people around the world, the use of profanity (But the way, NEVER use profanity.  It will never get you anywhere in life), the subconscious, and the comparison between ISIS and all the different definitions of a virus.  Allowing my thoughts to be heard has allowed me to connect with people around the world who have similar ideas and we work together to make the world a much better place.

Being an individual means standing up for what you believe in.  It means acting when necessary.  This could be as simple as saying bless you after someone sneezes, holding the door open so that perhaps one day the door will be help open for you, or as drastic as calling the White House to talk to Obama about the oil pipeline in North Dakota.  Anything could be standing up for what you believe in.  If you are against homosexuality, then you have the right to be against that.  You should know though that there will always be people like me who are pro homosexuality because it means two people can be happy together in an otherwise miserable world.

Individuality usually comes in the form of being unique.  What about you makes you different than me?  I can tell you right now that I am an American Jew who has been to over 8 countries on three different continents.  I can tell you that I will (hopefully) soon be a part of the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana because I have taken their stories and teachings to heart.  I try to live my life through the aboriginal philosophy that every living thing is sacred and deserves to live; that human beings are not superior to another species.  What makes you different than me?  What would make you stand out in a crowd?

From my blog, I managed to create the Refugee Fundraiser at my high school and another local high school.  I found a local organization that helps resettle refugees in my hometown.  I asked them if they would accept any clothing the two schools raised and they responded with a grateful yes.  By the time the fundraiser was over, the schools collected 18 20lb bags of clothes for the refugees.  All of this happened because of distinctly outlining my opinion on the mature on my blog.

Right now, I am helping the Northern Cheyenne by having a fundraiser called Building With Blankets.  This, too, came from ideas that I published on my blog.  The simple step of founding Humanity Has Hope has allowed me to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the world.  Creating my blog was the start of making myself who I am.

Now, it is your turn.  Go out into the world and tell people what you stand for.  Tell people about your ideas, and better yet, work with people to make your ideas reality.  Being an individual is hard because there are so many different people out there.  If you look inside yourself to see what makes you different, then you will be able to do amazing things.  Who cares what others think!  They will never be like you, so don’t let them drag you down.  To individualism!



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