Fundraiser for invisible children

A friend of mine on the Northern Cheyenne reservation stated an online fundraiser for kids in need in her community. She goes by the nickname Koda and has visited my hometown several times with her community. You have heard about how hard life can be on the reservation, and she wants to make it easer for those who have it harder than her. Please support her and her cause.

Here is an explanation she wrote for her fundraiser:

About this Fundraiser

I want to help people who are in need, like giving back to the community, and world it’s a nonprofit fundraiser. all the money goes to the ones who need it. I’m just here to promote it and spread it, it will protect and free children and soldiers from captivity, if your not able to donate than please share to let more people find out about this, it would be great if you would do either one.

I truly believe that this is a noble cause to donate for, so I am spreading the word! There are 76 days left to make a donation, which can be any amount you want. Personally, I would donate 18 dollars (the word 18 in Hebrew is also the word for life), but since I don’t have a credit card, that doesn’t exactly work. However, most of my followers and viewers do have credit cards and can donate! If everyone who views this were to donate $5.00, then Koda’s $200.00 goal would be fulfilled before her deadline. Please make the world a better place and click the link bellow to donate.

Happy donating!

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