Were they wrong?


People once thought that the world was flat. The bible said that the world was flat, so people were taught by religious leaders that the world was flat. When the church ruled the over Europe, scientists who said that the world was round were considered to be against the church and were forced to reject their research in front of the Vatican. But now we know that the world is round. It is round and it spins. It has a North Pole and a South Pole and there are 5 major oceans and 7 continents that were formed by the movements of tectonic plates. The bible was wrong. The planet we live on is round.

The church also taught the Europeans that the earth was at the center of the Universe. The sun, the moon, the other planets, and heaven surrounded and circled Earth. They were wrong. The Earth circles around the sun and the sun is but a speck on the edge of the Milky Way. Our galaxy is smaller than a speck compared to some of the other galaxies in the universe. The Church once again was wrong. All of the astronomers were correct and yet they were forced into silence because they proved the New Testament was false.

How could the bible be so drastically wrong about things that are so important? How could it have taught the majority of Europe these lies for so long? As a Jew, I don’t know because my people were never taught that the earth was flat or that we were at the center of the universe. I don’t know how the Vatican could have made such an important mistake.

These mistakes allow me to ask questions that many people are uncomfortable with, but I must ask them anyways. If the church was wrong about humanity’s role in the universe, what else was it wrong about? Evolution and the creation of life? What about the concept of heaven being above the clouds and yet we have never seen angles in space? Is homosexuality bad?

Science and the bible have been clashing with each other for over a millennium. And yet, it seems that science has won the majority of the battles due to photography and being able to go into space. Fossils and preserved life from long ago also show that evolution does exist so creationism becomes more and more far fetched. In a world where science, logic, and ethics are key in society, we must learn to form our own opinions about society before consulting a book that was written by god knows who over 2000 years ago, sometimes longer.

With that being said, am I allowed to marry the person I am dating (assuming I am at a socially appropriate age to marry)? Am I allowed to have a wedding? Would I allowed to be able to sleep with my chosen counterpart? If you said yes to these questions, then congradulations! You just said that I, a woman, am allowed to marry my girlfriend, another woman!

Morality and ethics dictate that you cannot go back and change your mind because now you know the sex of my make believe partner. It is ethically wrong to tell someone who they can and cannot marry. Human to human marriage is a sacred tradition in hundreds of cultures all around the world! These rituals have some strange traditions, including shaving the brides head, spitting on the bride and groom, marrying a tree to get rid of a curse before marrying your chosen partner, but the basics is the same.

The church has been wrong about many things from how the universe operates to how life began. So now you tell me: could the church be wrong by saying that homosexuality is an abomination and that homosexual marriages should not be allowed?

2 thoughts on “Were they wrong?

  1. Many people believe that various issues have to be one way or another, are not willing to hear word one from the other side. Their minds are set; there is no middle ground. Evolution and Creation need not be one of those issues. God created the opportunity for life to flourish then through a long series of somatic mutations coupled with an equally long string of rapid, drastic changes in environments over the millions of years since then, things evolved to where they are today. For example, when the ice age ended some prevalent species ceased to exist but offspring they had that might not have survived in the ice age flourished under the new conditions and replaced their ancestors as the dominant species.


  2. Well shall we say the bibles wrong or Vatican yes and no and to some maybe @ times, were does proper behavior start or stop it the question. Homosexuality is it right or wrong, Ok some say it right some say its wrong all I know is God made Adam and Eve not Steve. If God wanted man to be all gay then how would we procreate. Then were does this behavior end is it ok to preform beastiality or necrophilia?. Some people may call all these choice are normal. No they are not. Well guess what its all Disgusting. Man has been doing all these things since the start, All these things bring broken family`s, disease, and mental problems, Etc . These liberal idealism act or acts are and will always be against God. Read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. I can care less what people do but when is it not ok for conservatives to say enough of this disgusting public behavior is not right. Then there is a problem! What one does in the privacy of there own home is fine .When you bring it out into the public its wrong. If I see this I have and will always say get a room I don’t want to see your nasty behavior in public. Don`t get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people but I/We don’t need it shoved in our faces. Just like other peoples habits don’t need to be seen in public like drugs for one, do it at home keep at home. Sweetie I am not a liberal buy no means. Nothing can be said to change me or millions and millions of peoples way of seeing a man and woman is the norm. I know customers of mine who I known for yrs and are gay and had kids they are all a mess and have serious mental and emotional issues. Also go ask a lawyer like your cousin in NY and ask what he has been involved in when two men or two woman want to get a divorce, way different then a man and woman wanting or getting one. Hope your doing well.


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