Society is stressful. The vast majority of the human population knows this, however, not to its full extent. Every day, we all deal with extreme amounts of stress and we don’t know how to handle it. Especially in the modern world where technology dictates our lives and adds a whole knew dimension of stressors. Let me show you how much stress there is…

It is 6:15 am and I woke up 15 minutes late! Stress. Now I have to rush to get dressed. Stress. Eat my breakfast quickly, constantly watching the clock to make sure I can still catch the bus. Stress. Go outside and there the is the bus. Barely made it. Stress.

While relaxing on the bus and recollecting my thoughts, I realize I left my lunch at home. Stress. I don’t have money for school lunches because, lets be honest, school lunches are awful. Stress. Now I am planning to call my parents with the school’s phone so they can bring my lunch. Stress. There is a good chance they wont be able to though because they work. Stress.

You see, in the matter of 45 minutes, a teenager can deal with so much. Let alone the actual school day, homework, peer pressure, ruthless competition, sports, etc. How in the world can we survive under so much pressure? Over my long break of writing, I learned a few things that can help.

  1. Breath. Making sure that your brain has enough oxygen to fully function is important when going through stress. It also helps lower your heart rate and anxieties.
  2. Move. Excersize releses endorphins which will make you happy. This extra boost of happiness and hormones in your brain will help you clam down and think rationally.
  3. Reason. If you are in a situation where you are unable to act to relieve your stress (like my bus ride to school), use the time to think of a plan in order to make sure your situation will end well.

You can add more to your list of coping skills when undergoing stress. Everyone is different and handles situations differently. Chose the skills that work best for you and your situation. May you have a stress-free memorial day!

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