A Personal Update

I have not written in a few months. For this grave error, I do apologize. My world turned upside down and inside out as I dealt with some personal issues that I do not care to discuss publicly.

I have been on many trips outside the country and back and forth from the hospital. My foot is currently fractured (when I found out, I laughed my head off) and I am currently wearing a boot. For any reader who has worn a cast, a boot, or a brace, I feel your pain and I hope you get better as soon as you can.

I was also dealing with self esteem problems. High school consists of some of the worst years of m life. I have one year left before I can finally put in all behind me. If anyone needs a friend to talk to, I am here for you. Always. Any time. Just write in the comments your email or phone number and I will reach out to you.

Identity crisis are difficult to deal with. Due to all of the hatred I have received because I am Jewish, I have lost my sense of pride of being a Jew. It hurts to be called a filthy pig and a Jewish slut. I am not either of those, but it still hurts. I have turned to a group of people who have always accepted me for who I am. A native tribe out in Montana, the Nothern Cheyenne have welcomed me with open arms. I now pray and dance every day as my “family” on the reservation does. I lost myself and I found myself in the months where I was not writing.

In this time, I have listened to some speakers in a conference in Toledo. The conference was cut short for me due to my foot but I was able to stay for a day and a half, learning as much as I can on how to be a leader and how I can involve the communities in my projects. Now, I am more determined than ever to create a change. I will describe some of these changes in later posts.

Sorry for any troubles or stress I have caused for not writing regularly.

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