Items for Orphans


The orphanage I am goin to help in Liberia is located in the Grande Bassa county. They have an amazing page on Facebook which you can click on bellow:

At this Facebook site, you can see all 47 children, their names, their ages, and what education level they are at. Truly amazing. You can also see pictures of when previous communities in New York City donated 3 barrels of clothes and food to the kids. I hope to do better than that!

The current plan is to collect clothes at the schools I have attended, including my elementary school, middle school, and high school. I am hoping to raise money at the local church, my synagogue, and the Jewish Community Center. It will be expensive to ship to Liberia, so if any reader would like to donate, feel free to comment bellow.

I have made full page flyers, half page flyers, and posters to put around the school and give to students. Feel free to edit and change the flyers and posters to fit your community if you would also like to help with Items for Orphans.

Items for Orphan flyer

Items for Orphan half page flyer

Items for Orphan poster

Now,  a moment to pause. I am currently on vacation in Canada. If anyone has ideas about how to help, let me know!

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