Project 2: Haiti


I have a friend down in Haiti who is a pastor in his community. He tells me stories of how the children down there are starving because there is nothing left after the hurricane and earthquake destroyed the village he lives in.  Most of the children have lost parents and siblings due to the events and have no one to care for them. I will admit that many of the stories have made me cry.

I have been made aware that thee is a church in my community that donates food to Haiti every year, maybe even several times a year. Later this year, I will be going to the church and telling them about what I do and my friend down in Haiti. I will try to help my friend and the children in his community by convincing the church to send food to a different food bank this year. This year, I hope that from my community to my friend’s community, a change will be made.

If you have any suggestions or would like to help, let me know by posting in the comments.

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