France’s Election: Which wolf did we choose?

The recent French election was very controversial. Like many recent elections, the people had to choose between two bad candidates. Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France, but was he the lesser of two evils?

This reminds me of a story the elders of my native tribe, the Northern Cheyenne, once told me. It was late at night, the bonfire was warm and bright. The elders brought out the rattles and the bones for a game, but we all asked for a story instead. We were hungry for wisdom, not for fun.

The story was about two wolves: a good wolf, an evil wolf. The elders explained that both are identical. There is a battle between these two wolves that occurs inside of every single soul. Both wolves look exactly the same but they are opposite at heart. The good wolf brings happiness, hope, and truth. He is love, humility, and peace. The evil wolf brings pain, despair, and lies. He is hate, ego, and anger. The elders explained that the wolf that wins is the wolf you feed.


The question then becomes, โ€œWhich french wolf did we just feedโ€ Have we fed the good wolf? Or is evil, hate, greed, and lies about to ensue? Only time will tell.


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