Hurricane Harvey

The death toll from hurricane Harvey now reaches 60. A whopping 60 innocents are now dead from a natural disaster that continues to place fear in the hearts of many. hurricaneharvey

Apparently Florida is also about to be hit with a hurricane of its own in the near future. Which means more deaths and more families are going to be displaced.

Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey

What are we going to do about this? What is the best solution given that I am on the other side of the country? What actions should we take? Have you done anything to help the people in need?


If you have any ideas, please post in the comments bellow.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey

  1. sending aid to help after the disaster really helps. I am a volunteer for the Red Cross disaster team and they send people like me and you to these place to help out or to lend a hand here to get things ready. it is no picnic to be there but just lending a helping hand is a great feeling. Maybe in the future you would like to take the course at the Red Cross and become a disaster volunteer also. It is a free course given by the Red Cross in Cleveland.


  2. This might be a way to address two of your posted articles, this one and “A Bust”. There are many large companies with facilities in the affected area. Some are companies local to you. Some have asked employees from other locations to help their coworkers through cash donations. Maybe one of those companies would like to send the clothes you’ve started to collect to those coworkers, coworkers who may have lost everything? They could use the cash donations to cover the expense if they so choose.


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