Liberia Project: A bust

Due to difficulties with getting the clothes to Liberia, I am unable to help the Good Samaritain Orphanage in Liberia. So, I turned to a local orphanage: home for kids.

Unfortunately, Home For Kids does not have the means to accept clothing donations. They do not have the means to wash the clothes nor the means to distribute the clothes to all of the foster families who need help.

I then turned to the local International Institute to see if I could help them once more. Last time I helped the refuges in my community, I raised approximately 200 lbs of clothes. When I called to see if the institute needed help, they also said they did not have the capacity to hold such a large donation.

Now I am at a stand still. I want to help, but no one is able to accept help. Do you have any ideas for a project this year? Do you need help?

3 thoughts on “Liberia Project: A bust

  1. Did you try your local community center they help out families in your area who may need clothing etc. Also most churches also will take the clothing even some have a box out side the church to collect clothing and shoes. Just a suggetion


  2. Might I suggest contacting Jewish Family Services or the Church by your high school for suggestions. If those do not pan out there is always Goodwill or AmVets, for example.


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