Why Humanity Has Hope

Humanity has hope. A concept I found hard to accept after the physical bullying, mental abuse, antisemitism, and hate I have experienced in my world. My body is covered in scars that only prove humanity can be horrible and cruel. Yet now, I truly do believe that humanity can be saved and its problems can be solved.

In December 2015, I created a blog to express my disappointment in the unjust world. This inspired me to come up with ideas and every day actions to change and better society. Creating the blog transformed my life. Through this blog and projects that came out of it, I have helped a tremendous number of people around the world, in places like Montana, Ghana, Malawi and the Philippines.

One project that I created to fix a problem in the world was: Building With Blankets. I decided to collect blankets and coats for an Aboriginal tribe living on a reservation in Montana, the Northern Cheyenne. I also collected hats, gloves and scarves. I chose to help this particular tribe because the Cheyenne accepted me with open arms and needed my help.

With 70 percent unemployment and -60°F winters, many were going to freeze to death if I didn’t help. People on the reservation have no hope due to their situation, due to years of suffering and neglect following their forced relocation by the government. The reservation is more or less a big shanty town out in sky country. I needed to give them hope again and start the restoration process to their former glory; thus, Building with Blankets was born.

Through this project, I learned what it takes to organize events. I learned how to set up meetings with the right people, be on top of my agenda, and make sure everything was ready for collection. I made handouts for students, posters for around the school, and announcements for students to understand what was going on.

I convinced a friend at another local high school to follow suit. Building With Blankets expanded. We collected over twice as much for the Cheyenne. Within four weeks of the start of the event, I collected over 300 pounds of donations between the two schools. It was so much that I approached my former middle school to fund the shipping to Chief Dull Knife College. Everything arrived safely. The items were distributed to an elderly home and the boys-and-girls club by the students. The Cheyenne were so grateful that they decided to induct me into the tribe. I am now a member! You see, I now straddle four cultures: Canadian, French, Jewish, and Aboriginal cultures.

At times, humanity may be cruel and horrible, but if more people take charge of what is going on around them, in their own lives, then true international problems can be solved. There is hope because of acts that transform communities. Together, we can change the world, save the planet, and make the world a better place. Humanity truly does have hope.

3 thoughts on “Why Humanity Has Hope

  1. You are so wise for a young lady. If more people would follow suite of what you have done for this tribe and needy people this world would be a better place to live. It is so enlightening to hear your story and how it also helped you become a better person. Keep the faith and continue to help those less fortunate than us.


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