Another Dream

I have a dream. A dream where every child will live in harmony under one roof, despite religion or ethnicity. I have a dream where every child will have a full tummy and their thirst will be quenched. With your help, this dream can come true.

The people of this world are starving. They are confused, hurt, anxious, and scared. The children of the earth are lost. They simply don’t know what to do.  With the terrorist groups, nuclear weapons, and natural dissasters, it is no wonder why the children don’t know what to do!

We need to fight. We need to help one another. We need to change. We need to make change. How, you may ask? By helping others. By being fearless and bold. We , the children, need to stand together and make change unlike this world has ever seed. We will make a difference and peace will ensue.

We can raise awareness and help the less fortunate. We can become advocates for peace and for change. We can donate, raise money, and volunteer. We will be the change we want to see.

Who is with me? Will you help my dream come true?

One thought on “Another Dream

  1. Indeed a dream to have and live. I stand with you to give the children a voice that will sound louder than the noise of terror, hunger, deprivation, hate, etc!!! Let laughter echo the joy of children around the world of a free and save world!!!


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