The past few days

I have been called many terrible things by different people. For a while I believed all of the terrible things they said about me. Now that I know berrer, I will not let that myself have that aweful self image.

Coward. Slut. Worthless. Useless. Bitch. Whore. Those are only some of the things that the bullies drilled into me. They teased me so often that I believed what they said was true. Stupid. Slave. Dumb. Weak. Ugly. What was I to do? How was I not supposed to believe them?

I know now this is not true. After years of battling with myself, I can finally see myself for who I am. I am worth it. I need to live. I have a drive to help others. I have a purpose. No one can stop me now. I am powerful and capable.

It was not easy. It took hard work to change. sometimes I relapse and start to believe in the negative again. I know that it is up to me and only me to stop and make myself return to a healthy mindset.

I have grown and learned so much from this change in my life. Thank you to all those who helped for showing me the way to becoming a better and happier human being.

6 thoughts on “The past few days

  1. Elia -you are a very caring and beautiful person. I was bullied when I was young then I realized I could not live in there world and built myself up to the person I am today. These negative people have no place in your life. They have there own problems so it is easier to place this on someone who is a sweet as you are. Look in the mirror each day and tell yourself that you love you. I did this and it became easier each day to realize I was a great caring and giving person. Keep working at it my dear and don’t let these people bring you down they are not worth it. Keep the faith and live your dreams kido


  2. Glad you see the real you. I told you that all when you came to visit with dad.Never ever listen to no one who is not paying your bills or teaching you something new. A wise old Jewish man name Willie told me that long long time ago. He was correct. Many if most all bullies suffer from something called low self esteem. They feel better when they pick on someone . BUT, Fact is one day they will fool with the wrong person and be very very sorry they did. Seen it, Lived it, witnessed it many times. Also they are usually the ones at jobs with name tags on there shirts.Good luck kid, Love ya miss ya.Good holidays to you and the clan.

    Your cousin


  3. Ne t’arrêtes pas sur le regard des autres ou sur la manière dont ils te voient ; c’est toi et toi seule qui vit ta vie, jamais les autres.


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