There comes a point in a girl’s life when she is no longer a girl. She changes. She goes into a cocoon. Then she emerges as a woman, a butterfly.

I used to be an innocent caterpillar. I was happy and carefree. I did well in school but hated math. The math workbook was awful. I enjoyed playing on the playground. My favorite part was the swing set. Back then, I had no idea what was coming.

In the 6th grade, everything changed. I entered the turbulent world of the cocoon. I was bullied. I was teased and harassed. My sides were bruised. My ribs hurt. I was changing. The bruises never went completely away. There are still scars on my body from what happened.

In the 7th grade, the cocoon thickened. The bullying turned mental, psychological. I was told I was worthless. That all of my ideas were stupid. I learned to stay quiet and to keep to myself out of fear. I was told I was useless. I believed him. I believed everything he said.

I stayed in the cocoon for seven years. I changed. I started following Native American beliefs. I learned how to be Jewish. But I was also in pain. I thought the cocoon was the end. I know that the love the world showed me when I was a caterpillar was gone.

My Native American family gave me a name. They named me Wuf-gi’muh, which translates to butterfly. I an now a butterfly. You see, I hatched. I changed into a butterfly, into a woman. I am now a woman.

Now that I am a woman, a butterfly, I am starting to see the world through a different lens, a different set of eyes. I changed in the cocoon and I know what I have to do. I have to dry my wings and learn how to fly. I need to beat my wings and make a change. I am going to be the butterfly effect for change in the world.

The world tried to hurt me. It cannot stop me. You cannot stop me. Join me and help me change the world. Fly with me. Make change with me.

5 thoughts on “Transformations

  1. May your wings dry quickly and enable you to soar to your true and full potential without being encumbered by what transpired in your pre-cocoon state!


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