The Ways Of The Land

In art class at school, we had a holiday party. Everyone brought in food and we exchanged presents. We gave our presents to our “secret snowman”. My gift was a book, a wonderful book titled “The Wisdom of the Native Americans.” I will be sharing what I learn with you as I read quotes from famous chiefs and spiritual leaders from the past. I hope you, dear reader, take these lessons to heart as I am doing.


In the fist chapter, we are introduced with a quote from Chief Seattle.

“All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befall the children of earth.”

We are taught that the term “Mother Earth” and “Mother Nature” are to be taken literally. We mut treat the land with respect. The surface of the earth is her skin. By plowing the ground, we are cutting up her skin. All the plants of the world are her hair. Would you dare to come up to your mother and cut off her hair and make her bald? This is what we are doing to the earth as we cut down the forests. We are making our mother go bald. Her bones are stones that should remain in the ground for how is she supposed to survive if her bones are all broken or removed? Her blood is water that flows in the creeks and rivers of the planet. To pollute such a vital part of an organism is to sentence it to death. Treat Earth with respect. We are all depending on our mother to live.

To be close with Mother Earth is to respect her. We must make sure she is healthy. To do that, we must be in tune with her emotions, the weather. To know that her skin is healthy, we must walk barefoot in the grass. To know that her blood is sustaining her, we must make sure that the water is clear and unpolluted. However, we must also be in tune with all her creations and live in peace with them. That is why I have created a photography blog about wild flowers. is the site address. I respect my mother. I cherish all her children and make sure that their memory is preserved.

While reading the text I came across a teaching that sounds very Jewish to me: the idea that death is simply waiting in the ground. In Judaism, when the messiah comes, all Jews will be reborn and go to heaven… or something like that. In the quote by a person named Wovoka, the men will be reborn one day for they have treating the holy mother well. Treat the Earth with respect, and you too may be reborn into Native prophecy one day.

Everything humanity does affects the earth. We need to be mindful about what we do and consider the consequences of our actions. We are borrowing the planet from our children, so make sure your children will be able to live happily amongst the wilderness that we all live in. We live amongst nature, not amongst buildings. Nature is forever where as societies topple all the time.

Another concept that Jews and Natives have in common is eternal peace. Peace is all we have ever wanted. Peace with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. May you come onto the land peacefully and leave as peacefully as you came. That is an approximate quote of Ten Bears.


This is the way of the land and how you should treat it according to the Native leaders and our elders. Respect your elders  and learn from them. I hope you take what I have shared with you to heart. Save the planet. Save our common Mother.

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