The Ways of Learning

Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library…

-Chief Luther Standing Bear


Every living thing in the universe must learn. This means you, me your pets, the squirrel in the snow, everything. We all learn form our surroundings and our elders. To have knowledge is to survive. To learn is to truly live.

Riches do you no good. You cannot eat money. All you really need is food, water, warmth, peace, and love. Natives do not wish for war against each other. All we want is to have peace. This is something natives and Jews have in common: the desire for peace. Learn to do good and help people instead of adding 0s to your bank account.

In terms of making mistakes, your elders understand. They know  it will happen. When you make a mistake, say so. Say you made a mistake. Do not apologize for there are no apology words in the Lakota language and many other languages. It simply does not exist. Learn to own up to the fact that humans are not perfect.

We forever walk, lay, sit, and run over our mother’s back. We are forever in her womb. Every living thing stems from the mother, the planet, Earth. We must observe nature and all its inhabitants in order to survive. if a rabbit eats a leaf, it may be safe to eat. Bees will always lead to honey, but be careful. We must learn from other organisms. That is how we will survive.

We learn form the weather too. We are all subjected to the storm. It will do no good to complain about it for nothing will change the weather. Do not complain.

To live is to observe and to learn. Observe everything. Use to learn all of your senses to the maximum. Appreciate life and all lives. The wilderness makes you truly live and reach your full potential.

In the end, life is about learning and surviving. Learn to survive, for that is what knowledge is for.

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