As a Junior in high school, I am starting upon a path that can be highly opinionated. As a Jew, I have been taught to continually question what I have been taught and to try to distinguish right from wrong. I may not always come to the correct conclusion, however, humanity learns more from mistakes than from success so I will continue to make mistakes so that everyone can learn.

There are many problems in the world. Some are more obvious than others. You may not have even known that some problems even existed or were problems. Together, we shall try to identify the problems in society and we will identify ways to fix the problems. A pessimist complains and does nothing to change the circumstances. A realist knows what is wrong and changes the situations so that what is wrong becomes right again.

As our community grows and flourishes, I hope that we will be able to make a positive impact around the world. Together, we can do amazing things. Will you help me change the world?



3 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great cause!!! Love what you’re doing to change the world!!!! Can’t wait to see you 12-13 and would
    love to hear more about the Northern Cheyenne Tribe!!!!


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